McDonald’s Is Finally Bringing Back Its Most Requested Item, but Fans Are Skeptical

Yep, we're talking about Snack Wraps.



It’s been quite a year for fast-food crispy chicken in a tortilla. First, in February, KFC introduced two Crispy Chicken Wraps. In July, Taco Bell brought back its Crispy Chicken Taco. A month later, Burger King introduced limited-time BK Royal Crispy Wraps.

Whenever a chain announced one of these new offerings, people couldn’t help but think of another beloved crispy chicken item: the McDonald’s Snack Wrap. McDonald’s discontinued this line of breaded chicken wraps in 2016, partly because employees said they were challenging to make.

Ever since then, fans, including Allrecipes writer Bailey Fink, who last year included McD’s Snack Wraps in a list of items she wanted the restaurant to bring back, have been hoping the handhelds would come back.

In 2020, a petition, which garnered almost 18,500 signatures, asked for the return of the Snack Wraps, saying, “McDonald's Snack Wraps are easily the best thing on their menu (maybe next to their fries, but that's a whole different debate)... SO WHY NOT BRING THEM BACK?”

Bloomberg/Contributor/Getty Images McDonald's fans have been begging for the return of Snack Wraps.
Bloomberg/Contributor/Getty Images McDonald's fans have been begging for the return of Snack Wraps.

It seems McDonald’s has listened to the Snack Wrap fans, sort of.

McDonald’s Brand-New McCrispy Wrap

Earlier this week, McDonald’s revealed during an investor call that its customers are eating just about as much chicken as they are burgers, and it will add more chicken items to its menu, according to Business Insider.

Most of those new menu items will be variations on its McCrispy sandwich, introduced in 2021. Executives told investors they would expand the McCrispy into wraps and tenders as new menu items, which would be tested and scaled “quickly to serve customers.”

Will McCrispy Wraps Actually Be Crispy?

With fans’ obvious desire for Snack Wraps to return, some excitement would be brewing online. But, a dedicated Twitter account, Bring Back Snack Wraps, has been quiet on the subject. There’s little chatter on Reddit, save for one thread with comments that were less than optimistic about the McCrispy chicken concept as a wrap. Why?

If you look at the names of all the wrap-like chicken sandwiches from KFC, Taco Bell, and Burger King, they all have one word in common—crispy. McDonald’s customers frequently find the current McCrispy sandwich not crispy.

When Allrecipes evaluated five fast-food chicken sandwiches, the McCrispy came in last in the taste test, having “a strange texture that broke down in the mouth too easily. It honestly was like a giant chicken nugget on a bun with pickles.”

The only time I ever had a McCrispy, it was a soggy mess without a hint of crunch. It also had an overwhelming pickle flavor, even though I had asked for no pickles. I couldn’t eat it.

One Redditor said, “I genuinely find them near about inedible and I've tried multiple times now.”

Another commented, “The chicken filet on the mccrispy is terrible though…I don’t want chicken that smells and tastes like nothing but pickles.” (I’m not alone!)

Since McDonald's hasn’t released the details of the new wrap based on the McCrispy sandwich, there’s no way to know how similar it will be. But it seems if the restaurant wants to regain the Snack Wrap fans, it will, at a minimum, need to ensure the McCrispy wrap is actually...crispy.

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