The Meat-Stuffed Indian Potato Pancake You Absolutely Need To Make

potato chops sliced in half on white plate
potato chops sliced in half on white plate - OnlyZoia/Shutterstock

Crispy on the outside but divinely fluffy within, potato chops are meat-stuffed potato pancakes that are famous in the western Indian state of Goa. Potato chops are traditionally made at weddings or special occasions but can easily be enjoyed and created anytime. Filled with deliciously spiced ground meat, these mashed potato cakes are then coated with egg and breadcrumbs before being shallow fried. As you can imagine, this guarantees a super-crispy exterior while the meat filling remains moist and juicy.

Some believe the term " chops " originated from the initial recipes containing lamb or pork chops instead of ground meat. In these recipes, the chops would be covered in mashed potatoes before frying, with the chop bone protruding. There is also speculation that the recipe developed in line with rationing during the war, and this is when ground meat may have become a more affordable alternative. Either way, there are now a plethora of potato chop variations available today -- ideally suiting different tastes or diets.

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Unraveling The Flavors

Potato chops shallow frying in kadai
Potato chops shallow frying in kadai - ABIR ROY BARMAN/Shutterstock

Fluffy potato and ground meat are an iconic pairing for the ultimate comfort food, but what makes these pancakes so unique is the spices. Common spices included are earthy turmeric, nutty cumin, warm chili powder, woody ground cinnamon, and sweet cloves. These are incorporated into the filling alongside sauteed onion, garlic, ginger, and chopped tomatoes. The spices intertwine with these ingredients and the ground meat to create a tangy and gorgeously delicious mixture.

If you enjoy spicy cuisine, and there are interesting reasons why some individuals appreciate spiciness in food, then you'll be pleased to know that specific potato chop recipes contain added green chili. However, this is not a standard, as these meat-stuffed potato cakes can also have milder spices.

Alongside this, potato chops can contain fresh cilantro, peas, and carrots. These can add a slight sweetness, crunch, or peppery flavor to the cakes and a flare of color to the filling, making it visually appealing when cut in half. Potato chops come in a diverse range of forms, whether it's purely vegetarian or incorporating fish such as canned tuna. Potato chops are flexible and can be adapted to accommodate the ingredients available at the time.

Service Is Up!

potato chop on a plate with raita and pomegranate seeds
potato chop on a plate with raita and pomegranate seeds - Rangeecha/Shutterstock

These potato pancakes can easily be enjoyed alone as a snack, but if you're an avid condiment adder, you may wish to taste them alongside a bit of chutney. The meaty and warm flavors of these pancakes allow them to complement a variety of chutneys, whether that's a sharp mint and coriander version or one with sweet and spicy mango. It's up to your taste buds and which flavors you'd like to accentuate in the potato chops.

You can also go as far as to add them to a sandwich or burger. Get experimental and slather some chutney on either bun and enjoy. There's also no specific time of day to eat these, so know that you can happily munch a potato chop for breakfast. If you're intrigued by the warm, spiced taste of potato chop, give them a go next time you come across them at a market, event, or restaurant. With their delightful crunch, airy texture, and delicious taste, these meat-filled cakes leave little to be desired.

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