Meet Sofia Richie's Husband, Elliot Grainge

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Meet Sofia Richie's Husband Elliot GraingeRachpoot/Bauer-Griffin - Getty Images

Sofia Richie married Elliot Grainge in a glamorous wedding in the South of France in April 2023, and quickly, the internet became obsessed with the newlyweds. But while the world may know Sofia Richie (daughter of Lionel, sister of Nicole), who is Elliot Grainge?

With news that Sofia and Elliot are expecting their first child, here's everything you need to know about Sofia Richie's husband:

1. He was born and raised in the United Kingdom.

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Elliot Grainge and his dad, Lucian, in 2020.Timothy Norris - Getty Images

He was born on November 6, 1993, and his early years were shadowed by tragedy. As his mom, Samantha Berg, was giving birth to him, she suffered an amniotic fluid embolism, and entered a coma. She never recovered, and passed away in 2007. His dad is Universal Music Group chairman-CEO Lucian Grainge; he remarried in 2001 to Caroline Grainge.

Elliott was mainly raised by his father. "I’ve yet to meet someone in my life who’s had a similar experience with their childhood, so it’s difficult to self-analyze," he told the Los Angeles Times. "But I can tell you that we have a very unique relationship."

His dad said, "Considering what we’ve been through together personally, in some ways he’s like the twin brother I never had."

2. Take That performed at his bar mitzvah.

take that opening night in newcastle
Take That performing in 2006, the same year as Elliot’s bar mitzvah.Dave Hogan - Getty Images

As he recounted to JewishBoston, "They were No. 1 in the UK at the time. The party was great fun and gave me a real taste of how to create an exciting party." He was a self-described "awkward-looking British kid."

And like many Brits, he's a soccer (er, football) fan: his dad would take him to Arsenal matches on the weekends.

3. He went to Northeastern University.

In 2009, when he was 16, his family moved to the U.S. for his dad's job. He stayed for college; he attended Northeastern, where he studied sociology and economics at the Boston university. After graduating, he moved back to Los Angeles.

4. Elliot founded the 10K Projects record label in 2016.

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Elliot Grainge and Sofia Richie attend the 37th Annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.Kevin Mazur - Getty Images

Performers signed to his label include Ice Spice and 6ix9ine. "Elliot doesn’t follow anybody else’s playbook," Theo Battaglia, 10K's head of marketing, told Variety. "He marches to the beat of his own drummer, and has great success doing so. But what I most appreciate is how artist- and creative-centric he’s trying to make this company. A great many people preach that, but Elliot proves it, day in and day out."

5. He barely uses social media.

He is on Instagram, but has zero posts. Yet, he makes frequent appearances on Sofia's social media, including narrating this very cute TikTok of Sofia getting ready:

"At least he knew mascara," Sofia joked in the caption.

6. Elliot says his "happy place" is with Sofia.

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The Grainges in 2022.Amy Sussman - Getty Images

Sofia and Elliot knew each other for years before they began dating. Sofia has described Elliot as "the man of my dreams."

"My happy place is with my girl on the couch binging a TV series where we argue about which episode we’re on," he told the LA Times.

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