Megan Fox's Skinny Truth: Do Celebrities Have an Impact on Your Body Image?

Megan Fox’s trainer toldHollywood Life yesterday that the star actually struggles to gain weight.

Fox caused controversy last year when she said in an Allure interview that she only eats once a day. But celeb trainer Harley Pasternak, who also works with Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry, said he worries about Megan getting too skinny. Pasternak disclosed that the star gets upset when people accuse her of having an eating disorder and insists that she regularly does exercises to bulk up. She’s just naturally tiny.

Can women ever win? Petite, thin women sometimes say they feel badly when they hear that “real women have curves”—and they don’t have any. But there’s also no shortage of images in the media glamorizing super-skinny frames. It feels like a woman’s body can never fall in the right spot on the spectrum of healthy and unhealthy body weights.

And Megan is no exception. She might struggle with negative feelings about her looks, but she’s also starring in the current Armani lingerie ads. For a lot of women, the way female celebrities look affects how they feel about themselves.

So our questions to you are: When celebrities and their trainers come forward with insider info like this, does it help your body image—or hurt it? And do you really believe them when they say that high-speed metabolisms are the reason behind their size-zero frames?

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