Megan Fox Serves Nothing but Sex With "Out-The-Shower" Slicked Tresses

Megan Fox is one of the girlies who will come and eff things up and leave really quickly. Her latest display on social media has us all gagging as she doubled up on her serve. She's serving "gingerbread red" realness on the hair front but to make things a bit spicer, she hit the scene with the slickest "out the shower" hairstyle to date — and let's just say, it's giving.

Giving nothing but editorial sex-on-a-platter, Fox rocked the look for other Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue shindig. Her go-to stylist Dimitris Giannetos parted her tresses over to one side for a beachy, surfer appeal and gelled/slicked back her locks at the side, pulling the hair away from her face for the sexiest finish. "Wet and slick for my muse," Giannetos wrote in his Instagram caption, and we couldn't agree more.

Khloe Kardashian was seen rocking a mermaid-core-inspired wet look, and we've predicted that "wet" will be one of the summer's top hair trends the girlies will be getting into — and Megan Fox's reveal stamps this theory to no end.

Take a closer look ahead.