Meghan Markle Just Had The Sweetest 'Suits' Reunion With Her BFF

meghan markle on suits set
Meghan Has Sweet 'Suits' ReunionGetty Images

Meghan Markle just reunited with her 'Suits' co-star Abigail Spencer for a very important reason.

The Duchess of Sussex and her long-time friend teamed up together to support Alliance of Moms, a non-profit dedicated to helping pregnant and parenting teens in foster care.

As part of fundraising efforts, the famous duo met up with the organisation's co-founder before cosying up for a sweet photo op.


In the group snap, the friends can be seen laughing with co-founder Kelly McKee Zajfen while sporting the organisation's gorge 'Love like a mother' tees (the proceeds from which 'support essential services, education, and advocacy so that young parents in foster care and their children can heal and thrive').

Markle is also seen with her arm wrapped around Zajfen, who was keen to thank her and Spencer in her Instagram caption. 'When we speak about the people in our lives who lift us up when you need it with undeniable force of pure love I think of these two. You inspire me,' she wrote.

Zajfen co-founded Alliance of Moms after she tragically lost her nine-year-old son Georgie, who died after contracting a viral illness.

Writing for People, Zajfen said: 'Waking to the reality that my son is gone. It is hard to articulate this kind of pain. Where you can somehow function, but you are not entirely sure how every movement of your body is doing its job. The moment I wake, I relive our last moments together. It is traumatic, painful, and so very vivid.'

She added that her work with Alliance of Moms 'has allowed me to have purpose, and to see what’s in front of me.'

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