Canadian TV host Melissa Grelo shares fitness transformation: 'So inspiring'

Canadian TV personality Melissa Grelo shares inspirational video showing off impressive fitness transformation via Instagram/ @melissagrelo
Canadian TV personality Melissa Grelo is sharing her impressive fitness transformation (Photo via Instagram/ @melissagrelo)

Melissa Grelo's hard work is paying off.

The "CP24 Breakfast" co-host, 45, took to Instagram to share details of her "amazing" fitness journey with her 145,000 followers.

Grelo marked her progress over the past two years with compiled clips of herself breaking a sweat alongside a motivational audio clip and on-screen text by Beyoncé.

"Stay focused. Don't talk about what you're gonna do. Don't just dream about what you're gonna do. Don't criticize somebody else for what they're not doing. You be it — be about it," the text reads. "Be about that action and go do it."

"Keep your eye on your intention. Don't let any outside distractions or your own insecurities stop you from your goals," the audio clip continues. "Embrace that struggle. Surviving that struggle will strengthen you. Look how far you've come and how much you've contributed. Forget the doubt. Keep investing. Keep betting on yourself."

The Canadian TV personality included an inspirational caption alongside her video acknowledging her hard work.

"I've always enjoyed working and moving my body. As a farm kid, it's in my DNA. But, if you've been part of my community here for a while then you know that over the pandemic, my focus shifted from fitness to overall wellness, especially mental health, and increasing my healthspan — the length and quality of my life," she penned. "April marks the two-year anniversary of working with @suzangalluzzo, an amazing journey..."

Grelo added that she is "very proud" of how much she has learned about the human body amid her fitness journey.

"At 45, I'm in a better state of mental and physical health than I was 20 years ago," she shared. "No, we can't control everything that life throws at us, but keeping myself fit, keeping my soul fulfilled with friends and family and having as much fun as possible along the way is the blueprint that works for me."

In the comments, fans left encouraging messages and applauded Grelo on her progress.

"Yes, this kind of energy!" one Instagram user wrote, while another added, "You are an inspiration."

"Such a strong woman. You are inspiring," someone else commented.

"Thank you for sharing your journey. What an inspiration," a fan echoed.

One person wrote: "Your hard work and determination have paid off. You look amazing!"

In December, Grelo garnered praise for her appearance after sharing a set of vacation photos posing in a strappy, black and white patterned dress.

"Goodbye, 2022. Hello, 2023! Wishing you and yours health and happiness," she captioned the post.

"You look amazing!! literally glowing in that dress. Love it," a fan commented on the photos.

Another wrote: "Beautiful outfit and I love your hair."

"So stunning!" someone added.

An Instagram user commented: "You're always stunning!"

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