Canadian TV personality Melissa Grelo is 'refocusing' on wellness amid perimenopause

The TV host says she's focusing on food, movement and sleep.

TORONTO, ON- JANUARY 4  -   Melissa Grelo, Co-Host of The Social and Your Morning, has a Doberman pinscher named Sultan.  in Toronto.        (Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images)
Melissa Grelo talks about changing fitness and nutrition regime in preparation for her "perimenopause era."(Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Melissa Grelo is preparing for the next phase of her life.

The Canadian TV personality recently took to Instagram with a video sharing how she plans to manage her upcoming "perimenopause era." Grelo opened up about her health and wellness journey, emphasizing the importance of nutrition and fitness during this transformative period of a woman's life.

In the Instagram reel, the "CP24" host expressed optimism about curating a new wellness regime to help manage the symptoms of perimenopause. She wrote, "I'm hopeful about where my journey is taking me because I've been very fortunate to have a great team of experts around me." Grelo also revealed she is reuniting with her longtime health and wellness guru, Suzan Galluzzo.

Grelo credited Galluzzo's approach to health and fitness with changing her life. Now, they are reuniting to focus on nutrition and fitness, adapting to the new hormonal reality Grelo has encountered since coming off birth control in March.

While Grelo is hopeful for help in navigating perimenopause, she acknowledged her experience isn't the same for all women, remarking, "the medical system was not made for us." She continued, "We have to advocate for ourselves louder and more often than anyone else."

In the caption, Grelo reiterated: "I'm excited to shift the way I eat and move for my new hormonal reality. I believe in, what I call, the 'FMS First' approach when it comes to health and wellness: food, movement and sleep. These often need to change a lot when hormones start fluctuating in perimenopause and beyond."

Fans met the 46-year-old's message with praise and supportive comments.

"Your honesty is so refreshing! Women need to talk more about this and normalize it instead of feeling ashamed. Thank you!," an Instagram user wrote.

Another penned: "Thank you for sharing this."

"Menopause is no joke. It hit me like a sucker-punch with many uncomfortable symptoms," someone weighed in. "So gather all of the great info that is out there now ladies and keep talking and sharing, Melissa."

"I can’t thank you enough for sharing your journey!," a fan commented.

Grelo subsequently shared another Instagram post unpacking the "Medical gaslighting" women experience when they embark on their perimenopause or menopause journeys.

"Too often, I hear from women who say they go to their doctor with symptoms and are told things like, 'It's just in your head,' or 'You're just getting old,' or 'You're too young for peri/menopause,'" she pointed out. Grelo shared a "comprehensive evidence-based list" from an OB-GYN to remind women they're "not crazy," and perimenopausal symptoms are not just in their heads.

"Your doctor needs to, at the very least, consider that hormonal changes may be happening and may be responsible for some of what you're experiencing," Grelo penned.

"Bottom line: you deserve to be heard and believed by your doctor. To all the doctors who already run their practices this way (and mine being one of them!)"

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