Michelle Yeoh on Jamie Lee Curtis: ‘We Fell in Love on First Email’

It feels as if Michelle Yeoh, 60, and Jamie Lee Curtis, 64, were destined to star together in Everything Everywhere All at Once, and it's a good thing they did, because the two have developed a close friendship as a result.

“The love between me and Jamie Lee Curtis, it's all real, yeah,” Yeoh told People in a recent interview. “We have known each other for many years.”

However, according to Yeoh, it was EEAAO that really brought her and the Freaky Friday star closer, and their connection happened before filming even began.

“We fell in love on first email,” Yeoh said. “[Jamie] was like, ‘Let's ditch the directors of the movie, the Daniels, and run away!’ I was like, ‘A woman after my own heart.’”

Yeoh added, “When you meet someone and have that connection, it's not [about] the length of time you've known them. A friendship became a very precious relationship.”

Sarah M Lee/BAFTA/Getty Images

All throughout awards season, the friends have put their affection for one another on full display, and now, fans are waiting to see if the pair will walk home with trophies on Oscars night (Yeoh is nominated for Best Actress, while Curtis is nominated for Best Supporting Actress alongside fellow EEAAO nominee, Stephanie Hsu).

But Yeoh admires her pal whether she wins an Academy Award or not: “For me, she's already a winner. She's always been a winner.” And apparently, the two stay in contact nearly every day. “She wakes up very early and I'm an early bird as well, so we end up texting each other,” Yeoh says. “She’s rooting for me. Jamie Lee is one of the most generous in spirit that I have ever met...She's always sharing. And yet at the same time, she’s friggin’ Hollywood royalty—but she is nurturing.”

Sarah M Lee/BAFTA/Getty Images

Could we be any more obsessed with these two?

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