From Micro Minis to Tiny Bags, Sydney Sweeney's Spring Fashion Faves Are Small But Mighty

The actress spoke to InStyle about her new Tory Burch campaign, shooting a movie in Rome, and personal style.

<p>Courtesy of Tory Burch</p>

Courtesy of Tory Burch

Sydney Sweeney is a self-described “jeans and T-shirt kind of girl,” but despite — or perhaps because of — her effortless approach to dressing, she’s well on her way to becoming one of fashion’s It girls. After all, she’s racked up plenty of sartorial bona fides to claim the title. A starring role in the industry’s favorite series? Check — she’s more than made her mark, starring in Euphoria and The White Lotus. Going viral with a red carpet look? See: the slinky red number that took over Instagram feeds everywhere in February. Securing a contract with a major designer? She’s got that, too, playing muse to none other than prep icon Tory Burch.

Her role, announced last fall, was born out of more than a shared fashion sensibility. It was the brand’s mission that truly brought them together. “When I met with Tory, I was really inspired by her motivation to empower women and the business she built,” Sweeney tells InStyle. “I wanted to work with someone who I could learn from and be inspired by.”

With programs like the Tory Burch Foundation, which provides resources to women entrepreneurs, the company offers empowerment alongside the luxe American sportswear the fashion line is known for. Most recently, Tory Burch tapped Sweeney to star in a spring campaign featuring a new iteration of the beloved Ella Bag — this time made from completely plant-based materials.

Shot on-site in Italy, it features Sweeney on a modern Roman holiday of sorts, romping around the Eternal City. Vespas, cheerful spring separates, and, of course, gelato all make appearances, tying back to the fact that Ella Bio’s 64% bio-based materials are manufactured in Italy.

"Rome is one of my favorite places in the world,” says Sweeney, who has been filming her new movie Immaculate there for four months. “It was fun being able to play around with all the fun colorways of Tory’s new collection at different monuments,” she adds, sharing that she picked up a love for raspberry and mango gelato during her stay.

<p>Courtesy of Tory Burch</p>

Courtesy of Tory Burch

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The Ella Bio, which is one of Tory’s mega-hit purse styles, comes in seven colors that range from an Amethyst, which is set to dethrone an almost sold-out pink as the brand's most TikTok-famous shade, to Limoncello, which Sweeney describes as one of her favorites and “perfect for an Italian vacation!” Besides its new vegan materials, the bag’s appeal lies in its day-to-night versatility. “I love it because it can be both,” says Sweeney. “There are also so many fun colors, so you can really pair it with anything.”

In terms of spring style, Sweeney’s keeping it fresh. She designed her own line of swimwear in collaboration with Frankies Bikinis last month (“it felt so amazing being my own design, and I was really proud of it!”), which is so comfortable she wore it to set recently. She also cites Tory Burch’s Good Luck Trainers as a must-have spring staple. Oh, and like the rest of us, she’s really into mini skirts right now: “You can style them with almost anything.”

As for what she’s carrying inside her Ella bag, which comes in full-size and mini, by the way, touch-ups and hydration are key right now with her hectic shooting schedule. “I always have a pressed powder and my Laneige lip sleeping mask," Sweeney says.

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