Mid-year baby name list: Here come the Pippas!

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The Pippa Middleton effect is still in full swing.

In the late 1980s, kindergarten classrooms were filled with Michaels and Jennifers.

If Nameberry’s list of most-searched baby names in the first half of 2011 is any indication of naming trends, get ready for little Pippas, Milas and Archers to fill playgrounds in the coming years.

Nameberry analyzed the more than 23 million baby name views on their site since January. The resulting “Hottest Baby Names of 2011” list is celebrity-influenced, literature-inspired and retro. Arlo and Ada are vintage names making a trendy resurgence.

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Most notable on the list is Pippa. The name didn’t crack the top 200 last year and has since rocketed to being the hottest name of the year. The number-one boys’ name is the Biblical Asher.

The top names:

1.    Pippa
2.    Asher
3.    Elula
4.    Everett
5.    Hadley
6.    Arlo
7.    Mila
8.    Flynn
9.    Ada, Adele, Adeline, Adelaide
10.    Archer
11.    Luna

Victoria Beckham’s little Harper Seven — named in part after Harper Lee — might spark a trend in the last half of the year.

What — or who — inspired your kids’ names?

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