Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher 'have no closed' doors in their home: 'That includes the bathroom'

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have an open door policy in their household — literally.

Kunis, 39, told E! News on Thursday that when it comes to her family, she and Kutcher leave no doors unlocked for their two kids: Wyatt, 7, and Dimitri, 5.

"Our doors are always open in our house. We have no closed doors in our house — that includes the bathroom," the actress shared. "It's just one of those where, for better or for worse, as a family and the kids have all kind of embodied bodily function as a very standard norm."

The choice may not be entirely her fault. As she later explained, when it comes to her "two little munchkins" at home, there is truly no other option.

"I never thought that I would be the person that was able to go to the bathroom with the door open, because it doesn't matter if I closed it. It never made a difference," she said. "It was [knock knock knock] every two seconds, so I was like, oh forget it, just keep the door damn open!'"

Kunis and Kutcher's bathroom habits have sparked conversations before.

Last year, the couple raised eyebrows during an interview on Dax Shepard's Armchair Expert podcast that they don't clean their kids until "you can see dirt on them."

"Otherwise, there's no point," Kutcher said.

Later in the interview, Kunis added that she "wasn't that parent that bathed my newborns, ever," agreeing that soaping up every day can strip the body of its natural oils.

The comments sparked a wave of controversy among parents about the process of hygiene. Other celebrities like Shepard and his wife Kristen Bell, Dwayne Johnson and Jason Momoa also chimed in the debate.

Kunis and Kutcher poked fun of the controversy a few weeks later when they filmed themselves sitting in their bathroom.

"You're putting water on the children?!" Kutcher is heard yelling in joking disbelief. "Are you trying to melt them?! Are you trying to injure them with water?!"

Kunis also addressed the controversy in a September episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show in efforts to clear up the misinformation about her family's bathing rituals.

"My intent every day is to bathe my children. I wake up every day, and I'm like, 'Today I'm going to shower my kids,'" she clarified. Later mocking DeGeneres' push for details, the actress added, "The kids, there’s a body of water that they touch, just about every day. Almost every day. Sometimes it’s a pool, sometimes it’s a sprinkler. It just depends."

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