Mila Kunis addresses her controversial bathing comments, calls the whole thing 'so dumb'

Mila Kunis says the fuss made over her family's bathing habits is "so dumb."

The 38-year-old actress was a guest co-host on Tuesday's Ellen DeGeneres Show and it was brought up how random comments she and husband Ashton Kutcher made about bathing their kids — Wyatt, 6, and Dimitri, 4 — during the pandemic turned into the Hollywood bathing debate.

"It's so dumb," Kunis said, clearly over it.

"Oy-yoy-yoy," she said while trying to explain how it started — when she and Kutcher were on Dax Shepard's Armchair Expert podcast, also with Shepard's wife Kristen Bell, over the summer. "Somehow the conversation derailed into bathing habits. We all started talking about how we don't bathe our children very often and/or ourselves."

She clarified for all who care, "I shower every day. But I don't wash my hair every day. I don't find that to be a necessity."

When it comes to her kids, she does her best, but often doesn't check every box on her parent to-do list — and she's OK with that.

"My intent every day is to bathe my children. I wake up and say: Today I am going to shower my kids! And then bedtime happens and I forgot to feed them..." and the baths drop off the schedule.

Seemingly exhausted by the topic, she told DeGeneres, "I mean, I shower, Ellen. The kids — there's a body of water they touch just about every day. Almost every other day. Sometimes it's the pool, sometimes it's the sprinkler. It just depends. It's COVID. We didn't leave the house. Who cares?!"

Kunis said the way the debate blew up was crazy, with all the headlines and many other stars weighing in.

"Apparently The Rock showers," she said. "So congratulations, The Rock, you shower... Jake Gyllenhaal doesn't shower."

Kunis realized that her latest comments would probably spark even more discussion.

"I don't think I made this story any better right now," she noted. Now, "it's going to take a whole other turn."

On Armchair Expert, Kunis and Kutcher said they only bathe their kids when they can see dirt on them. Shepard and Bell, their friends, said it was the same at their house.

Kutcher went on to say that they don't shower daily themselves but do wash their pits and bits each day. He reasoned that washing head to toe with soap daily strips the body of its natural oils. Kunis said she didn't have hot water growing up as a child in Ukraine and didn't shower much, so she's done the same with her kids.

Their hygiene comments sparked debate far and wide, leading to The Rock, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jason Momoa and Bethenny Frankel being among those sharing their cleansing routines.

All the headlines led Kunis and Kutcher to previously share a video, from their bathroom, mocking how much attention their comments had received.