Millennials Are Revealing The "Millennial Trends" They Think Are Still Cool, And I Agree 1,000%

Millennials Are Revealing The "Millennial Trends" They Think Are Still Cool, And I Agree 1,000%

Trends come and go from generation to generation. Recently, Gen Z shared their take on which millennial trends are no longer "cool" — and, of course, it stirred the pot. So, in good fun, we had to have the millennials jump into the internet conversation with their thoughts.

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We asked the millennials of the BuzzFeed Community to share the "millennial trends" from the 2010s that they miss or think should make a comeback. Here are the surprising results:

1."Flip phones. They were just so much more fun. For my 16th birthday, I got the pink Baby Phat flip phone, and it had little diamonds on it and everything. I loved that phone so much. Affordable gas was fun, too."


Raven-Symoné holding a pink Baby Phat flip phone to her ear, wearing large hoop earrings and a denim jacket
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2."Long shorts. Not like the early 2000s ones that might as well be capris, but at least basketball shorts that come down to the knee. These popular mid-thigh shorts now show off more than I want to show and the vast majority of people want to see."


3."A short-sleeved t-shirt over a long-sleeved t-shirt. We need to bring that look back!"


Adam Brody at an event, wearing a dark t-shirt over a long-sleeved shirt, hands behind his back
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4."Ankle socks and flared jeans. I couldn't buy flared jeans in the skinny jeans era, which made me mad. I could have brought them online, but we all know how inconsistent pant sizes are for women. Jeez."

—41, Canada

5."BlackBerry-style phones, please!!! Also, I will forever wear ankle socks, have my part on the side, and wear really long necklaces."


A hand holding an old BlackBerry smartphone with a physical keyboard and small screen. The background is a wooden surface with part of a glass visible
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6."Indie pop! Early 2010s was a high point for quirky, feel-good music!"


7."Deep side parts! Give us back that goddess-like Cindy Crawford hair flip. No one doesn't like looking like a goddess who just wandered onto planet Earth."

—34, USA

Cindy Crawford with her signature side part, wearing hoop earrings, a white shirt, and a red jacket with a patch
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8."I would love galaxy print to make an elevated comeback."


9."Summer movies being a big deal! Not to say they aren't now, but between 2006 and 2013, they hit differently and meant something. Toy Story 3, Deathly Hallows — Part 2, Mamma Mia, and The Simpsons Movie were huge when they came out. You knew what THE movie to see that summer was. Now, it seems very much a dime a dozen, and there isn't as much excitement as there used to be."

"Also, remember when 3D movies were a thing for a while? I swear every animated film that came out in two years was released in 3D, and then it just disappeared overnight."


Image depicting characters from Toy Story 3, including Lotso, Rex, Mr. Potato Head, Woody, Jessie, Hamm, and others, all gathered inside a room looking forward
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10."Skinny jeans/pants. They just look way better on my body, as much as I like baggy jeans/pants."


11."I miss when new technology came out in fun colors, like the old Macs or the iPod Nanos. I hate that every new phone or laptop is only available in tech bro monochrome."


"I mean, to be fair, many Apple products in recent years have colors. It's just that everyone slaps a case on their phone/tablet, or nobody sees the color of the iMacs on the back panel. Those old candy-colored Y2K Macs were such a vibe, though."


Person holding a green iPod Nano with a white click wheel and a USB charger connected at the bottom
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12."Vine because it was vastly superior to TikTok. Someone accurately said it was 'show vs. tell.' With Vine, you had six seconds to get your point across. On TikTok, people will just talk for a minute in front of a green screen, and in the very last second, they reveal what they're talking about."


"Who doesn't miss Vine? We all still watch those Vine compilation videos on YouTube. I know we have TikTok now, but the convenience of six seconds of video allowed us to see a bunch of content in a short amount of time."


13."ZooPals. Those plates are the only way I convinced the kids I was babysitting to eat dinner. 🤣"


Five cartoon animal-themed Zoo Pals paper plates on a wooden surface; the plates feature a raccoon, whale, flamingo, cat, and hippo
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14."Slide-out keyboards. I wouldn't mind if my smartphone had it."


15."Colorful pants! I'm totally fine if they aren't skinny jeans, but I miss the color blocking with the vibrant pants trend!"

—29, California

Victoria Justice poses on an orange carpet in a white top and teal pants, with a colorful balloon backdrop behind her
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16."The original Motorola Razr phones. If you could still get them, I would definitely have one; I loved that phone."


17."I miss my wedged sneakers."


A stylish sneaker with a high-top design featuring black leather accents, textured fabric panels, double buckle straps, and a side zipper on a carpeted background
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18."Shirts that were full length, not cropped."


19."Hipsters! It was so fun seeing the different hipster memes and trends."

—27, USA

Cara Delevingne is seen in a casual outfit wearing a green beanie, camo jacket over a denim shirt, green t-shirt, and plaid shirt tied around her waist
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20."Scene fashion. All of it. Skunk-ed hair. Flat-ironed bangs that cover three-quarters of your vision. Multiple belts. Sharpie'd Chuck Taylors and Vans; the more beat up, the better. I feel like fashion is very basic now. Everything has to be pristine and like everyone else's. I miss the individualism scene fashion brought to people. Sure, it's always about fitting in, but fitting in was standing out."

—33, Michigan

And finally...

21."The Wii. Wii (pun intended) all have this cultural-generational connection with the Mii song played while creating the Mii avatars. Mario Kart Wii was universally loved across the world. It's just so neat to look back and see that a good amount of millennials and Gen Z'ers shared something in common."

"Yes, that something in common isn't the most important or empowering thing, but it's unifying."


A shelf displaying five Nintendo Wii consoles in various orientations and colors
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Millennials, what are some other "millennial trends" you miss from the 2010s? Share your thoughts below!

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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