22 Foods That Millennials Immediately Think Of When They About The '90s

We all have nostalgic foods that when we eat them or think about them they immediately transport us back to a certain time and place. For example, when I think of Quiznos, I'm immediately transported back to the early '00s — and I can practically taste the raspberry chipotle sauce (which I was addicted to) that I'd ask for on my toasted turkey sub.

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Portland Press Herald / Getty Images

And recently, Reddit user u8miladoo touched upon that very subject when they asked The '90s subreddit: "What Food first comes to your mind when you think of the '90s?"

  edixonki/ Betty Crocker / Via
edixonki/ Betty Crocker / Via

Well, lots of millennials chimed in with the foods that they first think about when it comes to that decade. Below are the top and best responses:

1."Taco Bell. I don't even know why exactly...'90s Taco Bell was just amazing."

taco bell in the 90s


someone eating lunchables with a kool-aid juice box

3."Viennetta ice cream cakes."


4."That square school lunch pizza."


5."Shark Bites! Those white opaque ones were the best!!!"

bag of gummies open




boxes of the small cookies

8."The personal pan Pizza Hut pizzas from Book It! Or like, the whole experience of a Book It! pizza party."

kid eating a personal pizza

9."3D Doritos"


10."My mom used to buy these sour cream and onion flavored crackers that were shaped like ducks. I think they were called Quackers — which is so stupid, but they were so delicious."


11."Bagel Bites. PIIIIZZZAAAAAA! In the mornin,' pizza in the evenin,' pizza at supper time!"

—user-name-1985When pizza’s on a bagel, you can have pizza ANYTIME—Tigerpride84

12."Kudos granola bars."

variety pack of the bars with m&m's and snickers

13."Wendy’s and their whole yellow aesthetic. Yellow cups, yellow fry containers."


14."Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust pizza. They found another place to hide more cheese."


15."McDonald’s Arch Deluxe — 'The burger with the grown-up taste' — which is known for being one of McDonald’s biggest commercial flops, but I loved it! Even as a child. The sourdough bun and the tangy sauce were just delicious."


16."Toaster Strudel"

a box of the blueberry filled strudel

17."Mine is that Shake N' Bake chicken. The commercial was those two middle-aged ladies shaking and baking chicken. My single mom was sold, and it was in the weekly rotation."


18."Vanilla cake doughnuts from Burger King."


19."Fruit by the Foot"

a rolled out fruit by the foot landing on the box

20."Olestra chips. You know, the ones that made you get diarrhea? Never personally had them, but I remember the hoopla."


21."Stouffer's French Bread Pizza"


22.And finally, "Kid Cuisine! No matter what I did, my mac and cheese was always ice cold in the middle."

the tag line, good food that's good fun

You can read the original thread over on Reddit.

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.