Millie Bobby Brown embracing her natural skin texture and breakouts never gets old

Let's get one thing straight: blemishes and acne are completely normal and a skin concern that many of us – including me, a beauty journalist – struggle with. However, that's not to say that they can't be complete confidence assassins, because, at times, they totally can! What with the airbrushed world of social media today, it's no secret that it can take a village to sift through oversaturated posts to find #real and #relatable content.

Having said that, one person (read: celebrity) who has been embracing her skin breakouts and encouraging us all to do so, too, is Millie Bobby Brown – and we're so for it.

Over the last few years, Mills has shared a number of candid, makeup-free posts to normalise acne to her fans, friends and followers. And to comemorate, we've rounded up every single one of said posts into a curated timeline of gorgeous MBB realness.

So, when in need of a #realitycheck, you know where to come...

16 May, 2024

On her skincare brand's Instagram page, florence by mills, the actor shared a makeup-free selfie taken in public. "more #embraceyourskin moments with mills 💘 "cheers to loving your skin no matter what comes its way!” xo -@milliebobbybrown"," the caption reads.

2 May, 2024

Another florence by mills culprate, Millie glows in a makeup-free pic, showing her real skin texture and some light acne. "Embrace your skin with mills ✨," the caption reads.

Fans flooded the comments with words of appreciation, sharing how Millie and the brand have helped them. One person wrote: "To everyone who needs to hear this right now: your skin is perfect the way it is💗✨".

5 February, 2024

This takes us back to other no-makeup moments, like when Millie uploaded a super-cute pic with her puppy to the grid, captioned: "When he asks me what I’m up to". In the snap the actor/author/entrepreneur wears a cosy t-shirt with her hair swept up and not a scrap of makeup on.

And we weren't the only ones appreciating her casual candour. A whopping 2.5k people liked the comment "Millie without makeup>>>>>" in just one day.

22 December, 2023

Proving that blemishes and flare-ups are totally normal, no matter the regime you implement (hi, hello, hormonal breakouts), Millie and her brand shared a collaborative no-makeup, unfiltered post, captioned "feeling wildly me 💜".

It can't be underestimated how much images like these help push the dial on what skin looks like and help destigmatise acne, pores, fine lines or any other number of the totally normal features of human skin!

So, snaps for Mills, please.

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