Millie Bobby Brown reveals her ‘ick’ for men, including fiancé Jake Bongiovi

A resurfaced interview with Millie Bobby Brown has gone viral on TikTok, in which she revealed some of her unique “icks”.

Speaking with BBC Radio 1 to talk about her latest Netflix film, Damsel, the actress opened up about some of her “icks,” and how even her future husband is not immune. An ick is a mannerism or habit that is a turnoff, but it’s usually something minor like double texting or cutting a sandwich down the middle instead of diagonally.

For the Stranger Things actress, one of hers is men who hold umbrellas. “There’s something about it that just feels really pathetic,” she told the interviewer.

Although she did say that she attempted to give the idea a fair chance, as she added: “I tried to get on board with it. I did try.”

In the middle of her sentence, the Enola Holmes star stops to admit that she now has another “ick” that specifically came from her fiancé, Jon Bongiovi’s son, Jake. “This morning I was on a flight with my fiancé and he got a nosebleed,” Brown said. “And I got the ick.”

The interviewer began to laugh telling her that it was “so cruel” before Brown took some time to defend her answer for why nosebleeds are now a turnoff for her.

“One because he just got a nosebleed at the most inconvenient time. We just landed, the seatbelt sign was still on, he’s doing an Eleven,” she said, referencing her Stranger Things character who gets a nosebleed when she heavily exerts herself. “Two, he’s acting as if it’s painful.”

“And I’m like: ‘It’s not painful.’ It’s giving ick and that’s my new one.”

After being posted, the clip went on to receive more than three million views, with many people laughing at Brown’s passion against nosebleeds.

“I love this girl... he’s doing an Eleven,” one comment read.

Another commenter agreed, writing: “The ‘he’s doing an Eleven’ is sending me.”

Other commenters pointed out that they agreed with Brown’s opinion on nosebleeds “giving the ick”.

“I got a nosebleed myself the other day and gave myself the ick so I get it,” one person in the comments wrote in Brown’s defence.

“Unless the nosebleed is caused by some sort of trauma to your nose, it should not be painful,” another commenter pointed out.

This isn’t the first time one of the actress’s opinions has been put on display. Previously, on an episode of the Table Manners with Jessie and Lennie Ware that aired last month, Brown revealed that she utilises a fake name to leave business reviews.

Despite the hosts mentioning that they don’t personally leave reviews online, Brown viewed them as “important” and didn’t feel bad about leaving specifically negative reviews, as she noted that she receives daily criticism because of her career.

For example, she mentioned one instance of staying at a hotel with her fiancé and one of the staff members was pressuring them to “settle a method of payment” while she wanted to deal with it after leaving the hotel.

The interaction prompted her to leave a Yelp review. “It was just like: ‘I really think that you should encourage guests to complete transactions after their stay, so they’ll feel as welcome and at home as possible,’” she described what her review said.