Use Mini Cucumbers For Spicy Tuna Rolls Without The Rice

sushi 'watermelons'
sushi 'watermelons' - Instagram/alexawhatsfordinner

Cucumbers and sushi go hand in hand. The crisp vegetable perfectly complements seafood, as well as makes a tasty component of its own. In Japan, sushi rice stuffed exclusively with cucumber -- called kappamaki -- is one of the most popular rolls. So, take cucumber's prominence in sushi one step further and get rid of the rice entirely.

Purchase a batch of mini cucumbers, which are best suited for the job due to their smaller size. Slice in half longitudinally, then scoop out the flesh. Next, slice fresh tuna into a slender long strip, the same shape designated for a classic sushi roll. Stuff the tuna into the hollowed cucumber. And with such ease, voilá -- a riceless sushi roll ready to chop into pieces.

Aesthetically place the pieces on a plate, which should look like half-moons. For the spicy element, mix sriracha with mayo and dollop on top. However, such a combo is just the beginning of garnish possibilities. Whether it's sesame seeds, another type of sushi sauce, or small dashes of wasabi, the tuna-cucumber combo is the perfect canvas for bright flavors.

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Utilize Cucumber's Round Shape For Sushi-Inspired Bites

displayed cucumber sushi
displayed cucumber sushi - Instagram/ketofocus

Such a crafty cucumber technique is just the start of rice-less sushi experiments. For another take on a cucumber-based roll, slice a larger variety of cucumber along its length, best accomplished with a mandoline or vegetable peeler. Then, place the tuna or other desired fillings atop half of the long, thin strip. Finish by gently rolling it all together in a spiral-like pattern, crafting an eye-catching cucumber roll, ready for topping with sauce, roe, or sesame seeds.

And if you don't mind the crunch of cucumber skin, consider a different method. Cut off the ends, then slice in half along its length, making two cylinders. Use an apple corer to clear the seeds and watery filling, leaving only a small layer of flesh, as well as the rind. Next, stuff with tuna, along with additions like avocado, carrots, or cream cheese to complement the fish. Slice the result into half-inch rounds, creating tightly packed cucumber bites. It turns out that with fresh veg, there's no need for the arduous process of making sweet, vinegary rice to create a first-class sushi experience.

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