People Are Sharing The Minor (But Frustrating) Everyday Struggles They're *Still* Encountering On The Daily, And I'm Floored That These Problems Still Exist

You know those tiny inconveniences you run into daily (or at least very often) that you start to question a bit? And maybe start to wonder why they're even a thing in our modern world. Well, you're not the only one. Recently, I posted about common everyday problems that should've been solved by now, and over 200 of you had even more you wanted to tack on. So here are some more small inconveniences we should get rid of.

1."The staticky, repetitive, tuneless music you are forced to listen to when you are on hold, which you MUST keep the volume on so you can hear when someone finally comes on the line. It has not improved since the 1980s."

—Linda Marie, Georgia

2."If you’re a plus size woman (at least in the US), you’re weirdly as likely to have very tiny pockets/no pockets as you are to have enormous pockets that stretch in towards the front zipper instead of down towards the knee. I HATE the giant pockets. Imagine putting your wallet, phone, chapstick, whatever into your pocket over by your right hip and then looking down to realize it's moving around and is stealthily creeping towards your fly. It is both bothersome AND embarrassing. I neither want nor need a tiny chapstick penis, oh maker of plus-sized pants!"

Close-up of a pair of jeans with the inside pocket visible, displaying care instructions and Levi's branding

3."Isn't there a way to make nighttime scenes in TV and movies less dark and murky? Half the time all I see are shapes and I can't tell what's going on. Seriously, I know there has to be a way to light such scenes so we can still see the actors' faces, even if it's supposed to be extremely dark."


4."Why does windshield wiper fluid only come in a size that fits only 70–80% of the tank? It seems that all vehicles have similar-sized wiper fluid tanks and that the bottles are always more than that, so why not just make the bottles smaller? Then I don't have to have 20% of liquid sloshing around in a big bottle in my backseat or trunk for months."

Hand holding a Super Tech Summer Formula windshield washer fluid jug

5."Shopping carts with what feels like square wheels or ones that won’t move in a straight line."


6."The text on TV remotes and cookers being merely printed on so that over time and use they wear off, leaving every button and dial only identifiable from memory. C'mon, deboss those icons and numbers as well."

Person holding a television remote with various buttons for functions like volume, channel selection, and settings

7."As a true crime/Investigation Discovery fan, I cannot get over the poor quality of the CCTV cameras in this day and age!"


8."Why aren’t women’s jeans sized like men’s with a waist and inseam size? I’m short (4’10”) and always have to hem pants, but men can buy pants based on waist and inseam. Women are all different heights, too!"

Levi Strauss & Co. brand label on jeans with size and model information

—Luisa, 39, Maryland

u/Hour-Response-6461 / Via

9."A lot of websites, apps, etc. not properly recognizing UK English and telling me that my words are spelled wrong. I write a lot using Google Docs and, even after I tried changing my language to UK English, it still tries to autocorrect it or that ugly, red line under the word haunts me the entire time and keeps popping up if I spell another word the UK English way."


10."Having to change the clock on my car when it’s daylight savings. The thing can park itself and is hooked to every satellite and internet connection you can think of, yet it can’t update the time."

Car dashboard showing BMW Navigation System with time and date displayed


u/hazouum / Via

11."It’s 2024 and we have no better way to screen for breast cancer than to squeeze the breasts into pancakes. Meanwhile, these engineers are prioritizing building dancing robots."


12."When I buy a multipack of socks (especially kid's socks or women’s athletic socks), they’re all held together by plastic fastener things at several different spots. Trying to cut the plastic is impossible because they’re pulled tightly together, but trying to pull them to tear the plastic usually pulls it all the way through most, if not all, of the socks, leaving a hole. It’s minor, but so frustrating."

plastic tags from a pack of socks arranged in a line on a wooden surface

13."I should be able to enter my zip code, and the city and state populate automatically."


14."Those horrible screeching dental drills that double your anxiety. Surely that is not necessary in the 21st century. Do better."

Dentist performing a dental procedure on a female patient in a clinic
Robert Daly / Getty Images

15."Washer tubs that are so deep and fill with so little water that I have to get a stool to reach the clothes once they're finished washing."


16."This one is specifically for the US, but filing taxes. For those of you living outside the US, imagine filling up your cart with groceries, having the cashier enter the prices of all the items, and then they ask you how much you think you owe, even though they have the total right in front of them. And if you’re wrong you can go to jail. That’s what it’s like filing taxes in the US."

Assorted U.S. tax forms including the 1040 and Schedules A and B, indicating tax filing season
Photography By Phillip Rubino / Getty Images

17."Can we please just get rid of autocorrect? If I typed it, it’s what I meant to type. Sure, go ahead and highlight it or give me some suggestions, but to automatically assume that I did it wrong and change it on me? It’s like having my mother-in-law living inside my cell phone."


18."Having to use a keyboard type thing on the TV screen to enter your email address and password by using arrows and selecting each letter."

On-screen keyboard displayed with genre options for movies and TV shows on a streaming platform

19."Why can’t all power cords on everything that needs to be plugged in, from toasters to lamps to coffee makers to fans, ALL be retractable? I have a hair dryer and an iron with retractable cords, but most things don’t have one even though they could!"

—Anonymous, 65, Florida

20."In a world of electronic devices now being used in TV shows and movies, why is it when the screen of these devices is shown, you can never read the message? Sometimes it's important to the story, but it's so small and/or faint you can't read it."

Old Samsung flip phone screen displaying text message inbox with "LOL" as the content of a message

21."Car horns in radio commercials. SO. STUPID."


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