Former Miss Canada says she's grateful for 'puckered skin' on post-baby belly

Siera Bearchell dedicated her post to honouring her body and "stretched" skin.


Siera Bearchell is embracing her post-baby belly, in all of its forms.

Earlier this week, the former Miss Canada took to Instagram with a reel of clips showing her stomach in different poses.

She began by standing in a black bikini with the text "I’m so proud that this belly…" written over the video, before cutting to a clip of her sitting on the ground, holding her baby, with the text "... is also this belly."

Bearchell dedicated the caption of her post to honouring her body and "stretched" skin.

"Skin that has stretched to grow two beautiful babies. I’ll always admire what our bodies are capable of," she penned.

"Motherhood, pregnancy journey, postpartum, body journey, self love, self acceptance."

In the comments of her post, the Saskatchewan-native wrote "Our bodies are capable of incredible things... When I look at the puckered skin, I’m reminded that it was stretched to grow life," paired with a heart-eyes emoji.

Her followers agreed with Bearchell's grateful outlook on her body.

"Postpartum 'bouncing back' should be a term of the past," one person commented. "No one should be made to feel they need to go backwards... embrace the mom bod... it's the most beautiful thing! Stretch marks, jiggly extra skin and all!," they added.

"Yes mama! Our bodies are incredible," another chimed in.

"This gives all the feels! I feel it’s such a hard thing to love your body after and it’s like, why? We should love it more," an Instagram user wrote.

"So proud... it took me a long time or see it that way but I am," someone else added.

Bearchell, a mom-of-two recently shared what goes on "behind the scenes of motherhood."

In late May, she shared a carousel of photos of her four-year-old daughter and eight-month-old son and explained in the caption that behind her seamless posts are a lot of "sleepless nights."

Bearchell said women are often faced with a difficult choice of prioritizing their careers or their families, and there is "no perfect path."

"What feels right one day, feels overwhelming the next," she wrote.

Bearchell said she wants to pursue her passions to encourage her children to eventually do the same.

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