This 18-Year-Old Left Their Parents On An Island To Get Back To Their Cruise On Time And The Parents Are Mad Because They Missed The Departure

Previously, we discussed a set of chronically late parents who arrived 3/4 of the way into their child's wedding, and they had the audacity to be upset that the wedding start time wasn't held for them.

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Now, we're one-upping some parents' inability to read the room with a mom and dad who gifted their kid a cruise vacation for the teen's birthday and graduation. Here's what happened in the teen, ProfessionalTax7753's own words:

Note: This entry has been edited for clarity. 

"I graduated from high school back in December. As a gift, my parents got me a cruise for my 18th birthday. It was also a family vacation. We usually stay at all-inclusive resorts, but I have always wanted to go on a cruise. I told my parents it was different and that if we went on excursions, we had to follow the schedule no matter what."

"Well, it was a week-long cruise, and they would not head back to the ship when I said it was time to go. They were busy shopping and bargaining with the locals. I finally said that I was heading back to the ship. My mom waved me off."

"They missed the departure. By a lot. Like 45 minutes. They got ahold of me through WhatsApp. They wanted to know why I didn't get the boat to wait for them. I wanted to scream that they were not going to inconvenience 3,998 people because two could not understand what a schedule was."

"They ended up having to fly to the next port from there, and it was expensive. They are pissed at me for leaving them behind. I don't know what I was supposed to do. They literally told me that they knew what they were doing."

"I wish I had never asked for this. They are making me miserable because I left without them," the teen concluded.

Two women with long braided hair look pleasantly surprised and smile in an indoor setting. One woman wears a tan top and the other a white top. Names not provided
Two women with long braided hair look pleasantly surprised and smile in an indoor setting. One woman wears a tan top and the other a white top. Names not provided

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As I'm sure you can imagine, the comment section was full of people reassuring the teen that they were not in the wrong.

"Not the asshole," user OwlPal9182 said. "They seriously think the ship will delay for 45 minutes, yea no. The docks and ship have a schedule to keep. They are adults and need to be responsible for getting back on time. Which is something you have figured out in less than 6 months of being an adult. At least you don’t have to go on any more vacations with them after this."

If the parents were capable of being on time for the plane ride there, then they could have gotten back to the ship on time.

"Do they think a plane would wait 45 mins for them? Clearly they were able to navigate that. You are not the asshole," Toasterinthetub22 wrote.

Furthermore, how exactly were they expecting their kid to hold up an entire cruise ship?

"What precisely do they think you could have done? Kidnapped the captain? Staged your own drowning? You didn't abandon them; they abandoned you. Don't let them weasel word this around to being your fault in any way, shape, or form!" The_Coaltrain said. "I'm really sorry your parents have ruined this for you. It's pretty pathetic of them to blame you for their extremely easy to avoid, deliberate, bad decision. They owe you at least two apologies: one for ignoring your sage advice in the first place and the second for behaving like spoiled 4-year-olds. Not the asshole, and I really hope you make your parents read this thread."

Besides, if they had listened to their parents, all three of them would have had to book travel from one port to another.

"Look at it this way, you saved them having to pay out for a third airline ticket. They were warned, thought they knew better, and now are facing the consequences. Ask them sincerely what else you were supposed to do in reality when they’ve signed contracts as part of being on the cruise? I guarantee the cruise line has it in writing that passengers are responsible for getting themselves back to the ship on time," I_wanna_be_anemone said.

Some even recommended the teen have an employee explain the importance of time to their parents:

"I would 100% ask for help from an official looking employee, and make my parents stand there with their straight faces and have to listen to that employee explain it to them," Silmariel said.

In my personal opinion, I don't think any cruise manager will be able to convince these parents that they were wrong. So, best wishes to the teen and future vacays without them! What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.