Mix Pineapple Juice And Vodka For Tropical Sips Anytime

pineapple cocktail and whole pineapple
pineapple cocktail and whole pineapple - pada smith stockphoto/Shutterstock

The cold winter months can get the best of anyone. From perpetually gray skies to the trifecta of wind, rain, and snow, it is no wonder that many people plan a warm weather getaway during winter. Unfortunately, a vacation isn't always an option — but that doesn't mean you can't enter a state of tropical relaxation. If you are seeking a quick and easy reprieve that is reminiscent of a trip to the equator, we've got you covered: All you need to do is combine pineapple juice with a splash of vodka.

Pineapple juice and vodka are a winter-blues-crushing match made in paradise for many reasons. Pineapple juice is full of vitamins, antioxidants, and enzymes — namely, bromelain — that Healthline states may boost your immune system and reduce inflammation, keeping your body healthy and feeling good during cold and flu season, not to mention that it tastes just like liquid sunshine. Meanwhile, the addition of vodka cuts the intense sweetness of pineapple juice with its clean, crisp flavor. It also, like other alcoholic beverages, acts as a vasodilator, giving you a warm and fuzzy feeling. (Though, beware, it may actually cause a drop in body temperature despite the sensation of warmth.) The result is a mouth-watering cocktail that feels as good as it tastes and is easy to throw together at a moment's notice, in whatever ratio best suits your preferences.

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Choose Quality Ingredients For The Best Results

woman shops for liquor at store
woman shops for liquor at store - Kanawa_studio/Getty Images

Given that this cocktail combination is so bare bones, it is important to invest in the very best options for both your vodka and your pineapple juice mixer. We have previously shared our opinions on the best-tasting vodkas available, ranging from household names like Grey Goose to more unconventional picks like Haku vodka. You don't necessarily need to select the most expensive bottle at the store; just seek out a brand that has a reputation for a smooth mouthfeel and bright, neutral taste. If you want to add more complexity to the drink, you can also explore flavored vodkas, or infuse your own at home.

When it comes to picking out pineapple juice, the fresher the better. You can make your own pineapple juice with ease if you happen to have a high-quality juicer in your kitchen, or you can puree pineapple chunks in a blender and then strain the pulp to get juice, without the need for a specialty appliance. If you prefer the convenience of store-bought pineapple juice, Dole is a brand that's often recommended as its only ingredients are pure pineapple juice and vitamin C. You can also try mixing things up by using a pineapple-flavored beverage or a drink containing pineapple juice, such as tepache, pineapple soda, or even kombucha if that taste appeals.

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