Mixing cleaning products can create chemical warfare gas: The Cleantok hacks to avoid

The plethora of cleaning videos on TikTok can be mesmerizing and inspiring, from scrubbing ASMR to novel hacks for #SundayReset.

Some of those hacks can be used for regular spring cleaning, as one professional house cleaner previously told USA TODAY. She has been sprinkling baking soda on upholstery and mattresses to draw out odors for years (and she lets the kids jump on the bed to help!)

But experts say that a few of the #CleanTok trends have gone too far, and can even be dangerous for your health and your belongings.

Here are a few #CleanTok hacks to avoid, according to House Digest experts:

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Overloading your toilet with cleaning products

Some Tiktokers get creative and artistic with the #ToiletOverload trend, mixing powders and colorful liquids in the toilet bowl.

Mixing cleaning products at all can be dangerous, as the chemical combinations can release harmful gasses.

According to the National Capital Poison Center:

  • Mixing bleach and ammonia makes chloramine gas, which causes coughing.

  • Mixing bleach with an acidic cleaner releases chlorine gas, which was used as a chemical warfare agent in World War I.

Even if you're wearing a mask, jamming your toilet with chemicals could be bad for your plumbing.

"Flushing an excessive amount of cleaning products down your toilet can result in you having to call a professional plumber to fix the damage caused by it," Joseph Wade, vice president of operations at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing told House Digest. "An excessive amount of chemicals can not only clog but also damage the pipes that they pass through."

Using water to clean your cooking appliances

House Digest said some people have been running water through toasters to clean them. But doing so can damage electrical components, and become a safety hazard, Katie Dills of The Cleaning Authority told House Digest.

Some TikTok videos also suggest filling the cooking compartment of an air fryer with soapy water and turning it on as a self-cleaning method.

"That's just a way to get soapy water into the fan system and destroy your air fryer, said TikToker and House Digest expert and TikToker Carly Castro.

Other popular CleanTok hacks to approach with caution

According to House Digest, these are the other popular CleanTok hacks that homeowners should approach with caution.

  • Couch cleaning with a pot lid microfiber towel and Tide Pods. Check to ensure you're using the proper cleaning agent that won't damage the fabric.

  • Do not fill your toilet tank with Fabuloso or any other all-purposes cleaners.

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Cleantok hacks to skip include mixing chemicals, soaking appliances