Model edits Instagram captions to reveal the ugly truth behind her 'perfect' shots

Jazz Egger is an London-based Austrian model who has already worked with brands like Moschino and walked in London Fashion Week.

But while her life and Instagram page may look picture perfect, that isn’t always the case.

The model is pulling back the veil on her “glamorous” lifestyle and showing followers what actually happens behind the scenes by editing her captions, and adding the hashtag #thruthbehindthisshot.

“The fashion and media industry is hard and the pressure to be perfect even harder,” Egger told Distractify. “I’m so sick of people pretending to have a perfect life because I know their Instagram feed is full of lies which support stereotypical standards.”

In her edited captions, she shares the struggles she’s faced as a model like when she was told to lose weight despite already being underweight.

Or how models can be insecure of their looks too.

She shared that a lot of time and manipulation go into contorting your body for the perfect selfie.

And that her flawless complexion is heavily edited.

She’s candid about how she lost her modelling contract.

And when she was paid to promote certain products.

She also explained the only reason models like her post envy-worthy images on Instagram is to attract a large enough following because that’s what casting directors are looking for.

Props to Egger for bravely speaking out against her own industry and providing some much-needed perspective in the overly-manicured social media world we live in.

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