Mom compares her triplets’ hilariously different coloring book pages

This mom of triplets posted a video where she jokes about comparing their personalities based on how well they color within the lines, and viewers are sharing their own assessments.

Every child is different, and every child has their own rules when it comes to coloring within the lines. A TikToker and mom to 3-year-old triplets who goes by the username @knoxedoutnumbered recently touched on this subject in a fun video where she jokes about analyzing how each triplet’s coloring preferences correspond to their personality, and viewers have some pretty hilarious explanations.

The clip, titled “Why they say NOT to compare your TRIPLETS,” opens with an overhead shot of pages from a coloring book featuring the outline of a rainbow with numbers corresponding to the colors listed below.

Celia, the artist behind the first page, combines coloring inside and outside the lines. She takes a minimal approach to staying within the rainbow’s parameters, shown in the single thin lines in the bottom arches, but lets loose with the red and orange crayons chaotically scribbled at the top.

Like her sister Celia, Lily also prefers a tumultuous aesthetic. Yet, her crayon strokes are even more maximalist in their color saturation and complete disregard for the lines separating each arch.

The final rainbow by Kaylee is a drastic departure from her sisters’ abstract scribbles. Of all the triplets, Kaylee’s artistic sensibilities are the most classical. Given that she’s only 3 years old, it’s pretty impressive that Kaylee managed to draw the colors in order and within the lines.

While the triplets’ mom clarifies that their worth is not based on how they color, she seems amused by their different styles.

Viewers took to the comments to joke about the various personas represented in each drawing.

“First one is Bubbles. Second is Buttercup. Third is Blossom,” one user joked, referencing The Powerpuff Girls.

“First one, Banksy. Second Basquiat. Third Warhol. You got three talented little artists on your hands,” complimented one TikToker.

“Celia is just living life. Lily is chaos embodied. Kaylee is going to rule the world,” one viewer hypothesized.

While it remains uncertain what the triplets will be like when they get older, their personalities are definitely distinct.

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