Mom gives her daughter accidentally ‘hilarious’ wedding gift

Mom gives her daughter accidentally ‘hilarious’ wedding gift

A bride has made sure that her mother never forgets the mistake she made when she gave her daughter a wedding gift.

Nicole Hunt, who goes by the username @niki_nibs on TikTok, made a video revealing the wedding present that her mother gifted her after she got married back in April: a photo album filled with snapshots from Hunt’s wedding day.

However, when she handed her daughter the book, the mother became less excited. “When she gave me the book, she was bright red and she goes, ‘I think I may have messed up a little bit,’” Hunt recalled.

While the wedding pictures were beautiful, the problem was the captions that went along with the photos. They were all pre-generated generic captions made by Shutterfly, the photo book company where Hunt’s mother ordered the album, but she forgot to delete the misplaced captions.

In fact, the captions were so generic that they had nothing to do with Hunt, her husband, or weddings at all.

The viral TikTok video showed Hunt flipping through the album and laughing at the captions, as the text across the screen read: “Moral of the story: The place holder captions on Shutterfly do not delete themselves.”

The first pages of the book featured the groom with the different groomsmen, with a description that read: “Summer, fall, winter, spring.”

Another photo, which featured Hunt standing solo in her wedding dress, included a caption that described a day at the park. “A day at the park,” the caption began. “We had a picnic, then walked around the park collecting pretty leaves.”

“Our mother is single-handedly the most hilarious person we know, and it’s usually completely by accident,” Hunt captioned the TikTok. “Favorite wedding gift EVER!!!”

Since it was posted earlier this month, nearly 5,000 commenters have joined in laughing at the mistake Hunt’s mother made.

“Not the groomsmen being labelled summer, winter, spring, and fall like it’s a spicy calendar,” one TikTok user wrote.

“The fact that you got married on 1 April makes it even better,” another comment read.

One person pointed out that she made a similar mistake when using Shutterfly to send out her holiday cards. “I forgot to change the caption on my Shutterfly holiday cards (from the year we got married) so everyone got cards from a Megan and Blake,” the woman joked.

Someone else shared the mistake they made in their wedding album, writing: “I forgot to change the caption on our first dance page and it says, ‘Marvin swept me out onto the floor.’ My husband is Colby.”

In an interview with Today, Hunt revealed the moment her mother gifted her the accidentally hilarious wedding album. “My mom had hyped up this book so much,” the bride said. “She was like, ‘Make sure no one else does a book because I want to give it to y’all.’ When it finally shipped, she was so excited.”

Hunt also explained that this isn’t the first time her mother has made a mistake using Shutterfly. “Every year there’s an issue with her Christmas card,” Hunt told Today. “Usually it’s small, like typos and stuff. But there’s an ongoing joke that she can never get it right with Shutterfly.”

Although Shutterfly has since given Hunt’s mother a credit on her account, in order to make her daughter a second wedding album, Hunt said she might prefer the original version.

“It’s on our coffee table,” she said. “And it’s never moving.”