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Mom makes adorably elaborate potty-training set-up for toddler

This mom made an elaborate potty training station for her toddler and it truly has everything!

Natalia Mariah (@_nataliemariah) is a TikToker and parent to an adorable potty training toddler. In a recent video, Natalia shared the potty training set-up she put together for her toddler and it’s truly impressive. Not only does the potty training station include a child-sized toilet, but it even has a sink with running water and reading materials for her toddler to enjoy!

“Watch me set up a potty spot for my toddler,” Natalia writes in a caption as the video begins.

The crafty mom starts by putting together a toddler-sized toilet and placing it in the corner of her bathroom, not far from the adult-sized toilet.

Then, she pulls a toddler-sized plastic sink out of a box and begins assembling it. She adds a gray drawer as well as little gray cabinet doors with golden handles. Natalia reads the instructions for a moment then adds faucets, a backsplash, and even a little mirror.

Next, she accessorizes the sink with a toothbrush and toothpaste, blowdryer, and a striped hand towel. To give her toddler some fun reading materials, she places a potty-themed picture book on the top of the toilet.

Finally, Natalia zooms out to show the finished potty training station. Her toddler now has his own pint-sized bathroom where he can learn everything from how to use the toilet to how to properly brush his teeth. The sink even has running water!

“Hope he likes it,” Natalia writes as the video ends.

Viewers couldn’t get enough of Natalia’s over-the-top potty training station.

“This era of kids have all the best things technology can make. This is so cool!” one viewer wrote.

“I need this!” commented another TikToker.

“I am glad I’m out of this phase forever. But this is brilliant,” another TikToker wrote.

Natalia’s toddler is certainly going to potty train in style!

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