Mom nails impression of a newborn who ‘can’t find the nip’ and you’ll be cry-laughing

Emily from @TheVondyFam does hilarious impression of newborn

As a mom to a child who just could not latch as an infant, I am all too familiar with the way a newborn looks when trying to find your nipple. At the time it wasn’t very hilarious (talk about the most frustrating and anxiety-inducing time ever), but Emily over on her TikTok, @thevondyfam, makes this situation hilarious, as she always does with everything she posts about motherhood.

In her video, which has been shared almost 40,000 times because breastfeeding moms have all been here, Emily is wearing a knit cap like an infant, with the text, “How newborns be acting when they can’t find the nip,” over the video.

She asks her “friend,” which is her in a different outfit, for something to drink because she’s “so thirsty.” As she takes the Stanley Cup (of course) to take a sip, she just can’t seem to find the straw, moving her head in those jerky rooting movements infants tend to do during their search.

Her mouth is wide open and unable to make contact. As she’s encouraged to “try again” and the intense music swells in the background, Emily hollers, “For the love of god, where is it?!”

“It’s in your hand!” her friend exclaims. “Have you no humanity???!” Emily responds as she still can’t find the straw.

“It’s right in front of your face!” her friend incredulously tells her. As Emily finds her hand and starts sucking it, her friend shouts, “That’s your hand!” Emily panics, and her friend yells, “Just drink it!!!” As Emily finally finds that straw she responds, “You need to calm down.”

Oh, OK.

One mom commented in solidarity, “How can I send this to my baby?” Another said, “You forgot the aggressive claws come out and smack it to oblivion!”

“I just look at him and I’m like, ‘you’re your own worst enemy!’” Pamela Ehrlich said. “And ALWAYS at 2 a.m. in the dark. Idk where it is either, sweetie!” Another mom commented, commiserating.

And then of course, after all this, they tire themselves out and immediately fall asleep, until the next time. One fan of Emily’s said this may have been the funniest video she’s ever made, and I have to agree with her. If you’re struggling with this now as a breastfeeding mama, don’t worry, it does get funny after a while when you’re not living in it.

If all else fails, watch this video for a good laugh while you try again. Try not to yell, “IT’S RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE!!!!” If you can.