Mom’s TikTok about the pains of paying for summer camp will make you laugh-sob

Mom's spoof on summer camp is painfully real
Jamie Aderski/TikTok

It’s not even April, but there’s a good chance you’re already thinking ahead to how you’re going to handle summer vacation, when your kids are home for three months but you still, you know, have to work. It’s a stressful juggling act that also becomes pretty costly for plenty of parents, as evidenced by one mom’s hilarious TikTok about the pains of paying for summer camp.

TikToker Jamie Aderski recently set the scene, playing both herself and a pretend school admin who kindly reminds her that having childcare throughout the summer will cost her in the thousands—that is, if she remembered to sign up for camp in January. Otherwise, good luck!

Aderski begins the bit by describing the public school system, noting, “Wow, yeah. That sounds great because I work during the week so then you’ll take my kids and teach them. That’s amazing, thank you.”

“I forgot to mention,” Aderski-as-admin pipes in. “We’re closed three months out of the year.”

“So what am I supposed to do about my job? I mean, I can’t take my kids if I have to work.”

“Yeah, I’m so sorry. Yeah. We get that, but…” she replies to herself, feigning apology.

“So because every family in America is going through the same scenario where their schools are closed, will our jobs be more understanding of our schedule and be more flexible with us?” she asks.

“That’s a great question,” she says. “No.”

“Okay, so what should I do with my kids during those three months when school is closed so that I can work?”

“Oh, yes. Of course we have a solution for that. They can go to camp.”

She describes camp as “a place where they do cool things with popsicle sticks and play sports they’re not prepared to,” as well as getting hosed down when it’s too hot outside. “Oh, and it’s run by a bunch of hungover college kids,” she says in all seriousness.

Aderski then tells herself that of course camp is not free, and it will cost $5,000. But unfortunately, her kids can’t attend because it sold out in January.

“We can’t afford to, as a family…” she laments. “This is why my kids go to public school.”

The other available option: a science camp that costs a cool $8,000, and “they get free lunch, and a free t-shirt!” Naturally, that one “just sold out too.”

“Okay, is there anything else I can do?” she asks, adding, “Because I’m kinda desperate here.”

“Sorry, we just went on spring break,” she deadpans. “Closed.”

Fellow parents took to the comments section of Aderski’s post, with one calling the whole shebang “such a racket.” Another mentioned the $300 per week camp they used to work at that would sell out “immediately,” and “food not included” (LOL) with Aderski responding, “Yup, we have “half day” camps that are 300 and you have to get them there and back—how??”

Other commenters expressed their frustration with the lack of affordable childcare options in general, with one person writing: “Our govt needs rebuilt in order to fully support our people. every corp in this country promotes the major wealth disparity in the US. the worker/consumer loses no matter what when billionaires exist.” Aderski replied: “100% agree. It’s so frustrating and getting to be unmanageable. We both work but affording daycare and then summer camp is breaking us, along with grocery prices, housing, etc.”

One parent offered up a solid solution to the summertime woes. “Honestly my dream is 12 families all get together and each family takes a week off work to watch all of the (feral) children. Repeat for the whole summer. Very similar to hungover college kid option.”

“I can get behind this idea,” wrote Aderski. And honestly, so can we.