Montreal reporter who called Shania Twain a 'tramp' gives tone deaf apology

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(Image via Getty)

With the Toronto Argonauts’ triumphant win over the Calgary Stampeders on Sunday, the CFL Grey Cup made for more than just an exciting night of football.

Shania Twain’s halftime show was a limelight-stealing spectacle. On a field blanketed with snow, the 52-year-old Canadian treasure made her entrance on a sled pulled by a team of huskies. Bedazzled in a sparkling red body suit and a matching fur jacket, the singer nailed her performance of new and old classics.

But not everyone was impressed by Twain’s stunning act — a reporter from the Montreal Gazette made his distaste for the musician’s get up publicly known.

“Shania looked like a tramp,” Herb Zurkowsky, a sports reporter from the newspaper, tweeted.

The bluntly framed insult, which Merriam Webster defines as “a woman who has sex with many different men,” was instantly blasted by onlookers — and it wasn’t long before tweet was deleted and replaced by an equally disappointing apology.

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The sexist tweets are even more cringe-worthy given that two out of the three songs performed by Twain were about female empowerment, including lyrics like “I ain’t gonna act politically correct / I only wanna have a good time” and “I wanna be free yeah, to feel the way I feel / Man! I feel like a woman!”

The journalist’s continued effort to save face on Monday led to a further deletion of the original apology — followed by two new ones.

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On Tuesday, the Montreal Gazette also apologized for the reporter’s tweets.

We hope it’s a lesson learned for the tone-deaf writer, who thought it was OK to shame and further critique the musical legend on her presentation. With social efforts pushing towards the liberation of women, his commentary comes with poor timing and even poorer taste.

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