The Most Popular Costco Items, State By State

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The Most Popular Costco Items, State By StateCoupon Birds

Costco is the warehouse that makes the world go 'round. Whether you want to stock up on household essentials, discover new and exciting products, or enjoy a sample or three, the store is the ultimate destination for all of your shopping needs.

We've covered all things Costco—from the smartest tips to navigate the store to the history of the beloved hot dog to the best items offered in the bakery department. But one of the most interesting parts about Costco is that each warehouse offers a unique inventory. Many things you can find at your local warehouse are regionally specific, like reindeer sausage in Alaska and pre-made roux in Louisiana.

As big as the stores may be, shelf space is still fairly limited. That's why store managers at each location coordinate with regional merchandisers to curate a tailored inventory that matches customer demand. And depending on where you live, the shopping habits of your fellow Costco members can vary.

Analysts at Coupon Birds gathered data from different social media platforms to identify the most popular Costco products in every state. Their team reviewed data from Google Trends and 50 Costco-related hashtags on Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter). After gathering research from over 15,000 posts, Coupon Birds found the go-to products in 42 states. And the results weren't what we expected:

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Coupon Birds

Eight states didn't offer enough data to identify the top items, but 30 different Costco products represent the most popular across the remaining 42 states. And, surprise, surprise: the majority were from Kirkland Signature.

The paper towels in particular were the runaway favorite, with over 1,100 social media mentions in just one week. And it was the number one pick in Alaska and Alabama. In a similar vein, the most popular product in Maine was Kirkland brand toilet paper. Shoppers in Indiana and New Jersey also love stocking up on affordable essentials, namely Kirkland plastic wrap.

Costco's store brand also represents some of shopper's favorite food and drink items across the country. In California, Arizona, and Illinois, you can find plenty of shoppers reaching for a bottle of Kirkland Prosecco (Aperol spritz season is approaching, after all). According to Coupon Birds data, Delaware residents particularly love Kirkland vodka, which has long been compared to Grey Goose.

That's not to say that other brands aren't represented in this data. Trident fish sticks, General Mills Morning Summit cereal, and Reese's animal crackers each snagged the top spots in three different states.

Did your favorite Costco product end up on this map? Let us know in the comments.

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