Our Most Saved Holiday Appetizer Last Year

It's an irresistible finger food ready in three easy steps.

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Let’s face it, the holidays are a mad dash. There’s shopping, wrapping, cooking, hosting, traveling—and don’t forget, holiday party attending. For 25 days straight, it might seem like you never get the chance to slow down. And that's why, in December especially, we love easy food fixes that don’t take much time or effort (but also don’t leave you showing up to the party empty-handed).

Last year, one easy appetizer recipe was relied upon more than any other to ease holiday stress. It’s simple, low-effort, and above all, a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. And that recipe is: Sausage Balls.

Oh, yes, you know the ones. You’ve eaten them at football tailgates, bible studies, and even weekend brunches. But, no matter how many times you’ve had them, you know you’re always thrilled to have them on the table.

The best part about these bites? They deliver meaty, cheesy, chewy, and crispy flavors with only three ingredients—and in just three steps. “Savory sausage, store-bought biscuit mix, and sharp Cheddar cheese team up for savory, cheesy flavor that can't be beat,” said recipe creator Stephanie. Put them out on the table with a couple of store-bought dips (hint, hint—ranch), and you won’t have to worry about taking home any leftovers.

“Doesn’t get easier than this to make a real crowd pleaser,” said Allrecipes user Sharon.

Oana Ennis/Allrecipes
Oana Ennis/Allrecipes

How to Make Our Most Saved Sausage Balls

This beloved holiday appetizer has been tested and approved by our Allrecipes Test Kitchen, but it’s also been reviewed over 1,000 times by our community. So, it’s safe to say this is a recipe you can trust.

It only calls for three ingredients: ground pork sausage (hot or mild depending on your preference), shredded Cheddar cheese, and store-bought baking mix, such as Bisquick. Believe it or not, you’ll start with the sausage uncooked because the grease in the pork helps bind the balls together. You can also substitute your favorite kind of shredded cheese (like pepper Jack or Gouda) for a more unique flavor.

In a large bowl, you’ll begin by mixing the uncooked sausage and baking mix thoroughly with your hands until well combined. Once the mixture is consistent, add the shredded cheese and blend until it’s fully incorporated. Next, roll the mixture into 30 walnut-sized balls, place on a parchment-lined baking sheet, and bake at 350 degrees F until golden brown and crispy, about 20-25 minutes.

The end result will taste like a sausage and cheese biscuit, made bite-sized. Some home cooks finish their apps with barbecue sauce, others with a drizzle of hot honey. One user says they’re even better dipped in pepper gravy, and we don’t doubt them. Whether you give this top-saved recipe your own spin or stick to the tried-and-true formula, these sausage balls will always satisfy.

Holiday party appetizer: check!

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