Mother defends asking birthday party guests to bring money for yard work instead of gifts for her daughter

A mother has been opening up about her more unconventional rules for her daughter’s first birthday party.

Rachel Gibbs recently took to TikTok to explain the differences she was making for her daughter Hazel’s Harry Potter-themed birthday party compared to her sons, and a few of her opinions didn’t go over well with her followers.

Her first change was to only hold the birthday party from 9am to 11am.

“I don’t want you at my house all day. I’m giving you your day. I do not expect you to sacrifice your entire Saturday for a child’s birthday party who’s not even gonna remember it,” she explained.

“And the time? Please leave my house. My child needs to nap, and anybody who’s coming to a one-year-old’s birthday party is already up at 9.30am, or they can suck it up for one day because it’s over at 11. You have your entire day.”

Another one of her party rules was that she would not be serving a meal or cake and only snacks. To replace the cake she talked about using coffee cakes and decorating them to look like mandrakes from the wizard series.

Gibbs also added they would not be “doing games” at the party.

However, the rule that sparked the most debates in the comments section was that she asked the party guests to not bring any gifts.

“I specifically, very clearly, put on the imitations ‘Please, do not bring gifts’”, she said, explaining that she put a cute rhyme about her little girl being “far from a house elf” and needing nothing from her guests.

“And then I said, ‘If you feel inclined to bring something, consider $5, because we’re trying to remodel, redo our yard. Our backyard is a train wreck. Bring us five bucks to help us redo our backyard. That’s what we’re asking. But she does not need anything.”

“I am very picky. I don’t want you to buy s*** for my kids,” she added.

Her video went on to receive more than 600,000 views with many people leaving comments about the party coming across as unenjoyable whether that was because of the early start time or the monetary donations.

“What is the difference then between a party vs play date? If I have to have breakfast before I come and leave by 11. If I bring cash as a gift I assume it goes into her savings account not the yard,” one comment read.

Another commenter acknowledged the money specifically, writing, “Never host a party and ask for money!!”

“I don’t agree with using a birthday for a home project,” added another commenter.

Although some people were on her side and were in favour of the party ideas.

“Honestly the time though is 10/10,” one comment began. “I cannot stand when parties are right at naptime.”

Gibbs went on to post a follow-up video responding to negative comments, claiming that her rules don’t matter because her daughter won’t be able to remember it.

“I’m not going to rent out a venue. I’m not going to do all of these things,” she said in her follow-up clip. “It’s [her] first birthday party. We really just want the people who love her here.”