"My In-Laws Are Loaded, And We Never Asked For Anything": This Mother-In-Law Asked For Money For The Gifts She Gave To Her Newborn Grandchild

Getting pregnant and being able to give birth is one of life's greatest blessings. However, sometimes, with these exciting moments in life comes unwarranted behavior from some family members, like a mother-in-law.

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This Redditor shared their situation in the r/JUSTNOMIL subreddit, and this story sounds like it could be the plot of Monster-in-Law 2.

The title of the OP's story is, 'MIL “Kindly” bought us gifts and dinners while in Hospital having our baby—Venmo requested the balance from me when we got out.' She wrote, "The title says most of it. MIL kept track of all the expenses we 'accrued' in the hospital for having our baby. We thought the meals and supplies were kind gestures because my in-laws are freaking LOADED, and we NEVER asked for anything.

Come to find out, she Venmo requested it all to be paid back the day we got home (and discovered that we would have to go back to the PICU for our daughter's complications). We’ve since discovered what a narcissist is, and she is a full-blown narcissist and addicted to spending money for herself. It really hurt us, especially since I was just laid off (since then, I got a new job). It was basically like I gave her my credit card to spend at her discretion and had no idea. Am I overreacting, or should I still be upset at her?" asked the OP.

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Over 100 people chimed in, relating to this story and sharing their advice on what this OP should do.

A Reddit post by Chibi84Kitten narrating how her MIL demanded repayment for gifts, manipulated the family, and finally leading Chibi84Kitten to warn others against reimbursing such "gifts."

This commenter validated the OP's feelings, which we love!

A comment by Jovon35 advising someone to tell their mother-in-law that payments won't be made for unrequested items and to block her. The comment has 164 likes

This commenter knows how to set boundaries.

A comment by user "alienuniverse" with 103 likes, advising not to repay a favor and suggesting to clarify that it was a gift, not a debt

And this commenter knew exactly what to do — we do love a petty Betty moment!

Reddit comment by Laika_SovietSpaceDog: When she asks to see the baby, ask her what she expects you to pay her in babysitting fees

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