Mother takes daughter’s doll to work to avoid tantrum

Mother takes daughter’s doll to work to avoid tantrum (TikTok/@tiara3787)
Mother takes daughter’s doll to work to avoid tantrum (TikTok/@tiara3787)

A mother has shown one technique she used to stop her daughter from throwing a tantrum.

Tiara recently took to TikTok to share her daughter, Emma, holding a baby doll in front of her daycare and crying because she wasn’t allowed to bring the doll inside. “I’ll take her to work with me,” she can be heard telling Emma in the background. “I’ll take good care of her.”

The video then transitions to Emma on the bed with her doll again as Tiara shows her everything her doll did while she was at work with her. “You remember how today Mommy said she was going to take your baby to work?” she asked her daughter.

She then opens her laptop to show Emma various photos of her doll around the office. The first one shows the doll sitting at a desk in front of a monitor and keyboard as she asks Emma what she thinks her doll is doing in the photo. “Working,” Emma replies while laughing.

Another photo shows the doll taking a break from work to get a cup of coffee and even one of the doll taking a bathroom break.

“I think she’s in a work meeting,” Tiara says while pointing out another image. “I think she’s working on the laptop.”

Emma became so interested in the photos that she held up her doll to look at them as she told her doll, “Look at that. Look at that picture. That is you.”

After posting, Tiara’s video went on to receive over one million views with many commenters pointing out how sweet her gesture was.

“You just EARNED her trust. You told her you were going to take care of her beloved baby - and you provided proof you did. (Which she loved!) Good job mom,” one comment read.

Another commenter agreed, writing, “As a daycare teacher, THANK YOU!! Now she knows momma will take care of her baby while she’s at daycare.”

“Your work associates are amazing for playing along I love this,” a third comment read.

In an interview with BuzzFeed, Tiara revealed that the doll wasn’t able to go to daycare with Emma because of a new policy they added refusing outside toys. “The night before the video occurred, I had to resign the daycare contract and noticed a section that said parents were encouraged to keep personal toys at home as it causes tension with sharing during daycare hours,” she told the outlet.

Baby Emma with her baby doll, watching the adventure she had at work (TikTok)
Baby Emma with her baby doll, watching the adventure she had at work (TikTok)

Unfortunately since her daughter had been taking the doll with her to daycare for the last year and a half, she wasn’t expecting the sudden change to go well.

“I prepped her in the car on the way to daycare, telling her that her baby couldn’t go to school with her anymore. She seemed to be taking the news well until I asked her to give me the baby. It broke my heart to see her so sad. As parents, we often find ourselves negotiating with our intense toddlers. In an effort to calm her down, while still enforcing the rule, I thought the transition would be easier on her if I could promise her that the baby would be in good hands,” she said.

This was when she came up with the idea to take the doll into the office with her. “I work hybrid, so I only go into the office two days a week. With that, Emma sees me work at home often and thinks work is ‘fun.’ Sometimes I’ll let her sit on my lap and type or move the mouse around, and she gets a kick out of it. I thought if Emma likes working, she’ll find it entertaining that her baby went to work.”

Her original plan was to only take one or two photos of the doll before her coworkers found out about the plan and quickly took the doll everywhere while snapping photos along the way.

“So off Baby went. To team huddles. Work meetings. Lunch. She even went to the first aid station for a Band-Aid,” Tiara said.