Motorcycle mom surprises son at school: ‘He is so proud to have a cool mother’

A motorcycle-riding mama gave her son the surprise of his life when she showed up at his school.

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Bea is a mom and motorcycle enthusiast from Texas with 3.2 million followers. It’s rare to see the mom without her protective gear and giant colorful helmet on. It was no exception when she surprised her son at school.

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“Surprised my son after school one day,” Bea said.

The mom showed up at his school in full motorcycle attire on her shiny blue bike. She parked parallel to her husband’s car. Students were outside waiting for their parents to pick them up. When Bea’s son spotted her in the crowd of cars, he couldn’t believe it.

“That’s my mom!” he shouted excitedly. “That’s my mom right there.”

The boy’s teacher escorted him over to his parents’ vehicles. When the teacher jokingly asked which vehicle he wanted to get into, the boy paused for a moment. Bea and the teacher laughed. Then her son went into his father’s car. Of course, there was no way mom was letting him get onto the motorcycle.

The video received 3.7 million likes on TikTok.

“He is so proud to have a cool mother,” a user said.

“He sounds like he saw a superhero. Proud and happy,” another wrote.

“My dad used to pick me up on his motorcycle from school when I was a kid. It was so much fun, and the other kids would get so excited too,” someone added.

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