Mum's clever hack involves using household item to unclog blocked toilet

Blocked toilets are one of life's biggest inconveniences and clearing them can be a tricky, not to mention messy business. Thankfully, however, one woman has shared a simple yet effective method for unblocking the backlog.

Credit: SWNS

Video Transcript

- Every house needs to know this hack for when you get blocked toilets. You get some washing up liquid and squirt at the back of the pan like this, leave for 30 seconds to a minute, simply flush, and the blockage is gone.

Does anyone else use produce bags from the supermarket to organize their kids' toys? I always cut the drawstrings down, just as a safety precaution. But these are so ideal to categorize toys.

Does anyone else do this when they run out of space on the washing line? So I place all the items on hangers, and I place pegs in between to stop the hangers from sliding. And as you can see, it frees up so much space on the washing line to allow for more clothes to dry. Thanks for watching.