This new sleep and meditation headband is a practical gift for wellness junkies - and it's on sale

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The Muse S Brain Sensing Headband
The Muse S Brain Sensing Headband

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When I unpackaged my brand new Muse S headband in front of my family, the first question asked was: “Is that thing going to brainwash you?!

You’re probably laughing, and justifiably so. My mother’s concern over the potentially threatening side effects of the sleep and meditation device I unboxed was honest and innocent, as she had no idea what the purpose of it was at the time. However, she had nothing to worry about.

Although strapping a battery-charged Bluetooth device to your skull may seem like the opposite of relaxing and un-stimulating, the Muse S is... different.

Muse S Brain Sensing Headband

Muse S
Muse S

SHOP IT: Muse, $325 (originally $445)

Founded on the principles of the brand’s classic meditation band, the Muse S was designed to help users create healthy bedtime habits through guided meditation and relaxation techniques using a pre-sleep tracker.

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Ultimately, it’s a brain sensing headband with responsive audio feedback on your mental activity. It monitors your brain waves, heart, breath and body. And yes, it works.

Featured in more than 190 science and technology publications and backed by researches at the prestigious American institutions of Harvard, Yale, and NASA, the Muse S is the real deal.

When I say “real deal” I really mean it - plus, to make it even more intriguing, the Muse S is currently on sale for $100 off the original price, and it’s available on Amazon too.

How it works: Sleep

Using wireless Bluetooth connection and advanced EEG technology to respond to your mind, heart, and breath, Muse’s free mobile application works in tandem with your headband to help you understand and track how well you focus, sleep, and recharge.

The purpose? To help you refocus during the day and recover each night.

Using the Muse App for Android and iOS, you’re able to measure how well you were able to achieve a calm state before falling asleep. Then, morning-after reporting on your pre-sleep data is available to give you personalized insights on your sleep patterns.

The rechargeable Muse S battery lasts for 10 hours and one headband can be worn by multiple users. Its LED indicator lights up to show the device is on and has a sufficient charge.

How it works: Meditation

When it comes to meditation, you can stop guessing if you’re “doing it right” and use your real-time feedback to keep you motivated throughout your meditation practice.

In Mind Meditation mode, the Muse S translates mental activity into the sounds of the weather to help you stay calm and focused. For example, if your mind is busy, storm sounds take over your earphones. Once your mind begins to calm, you’ll notice a reduction in noise.

While in Heart Meditation mode, you’ll hear the sound of a soothing drum mocking your own heartbeat in real-time. During a Breath Meditation, you’ll hear musical tones that affirm your progress and the pace of your breath.

And in Body Meditations, you’ll build awareness of your posture as the gentle sound of wind chimes adjusts you in a balanced position and brings your attention to movement shifts.

The Muse App lets you tailor your meditation to suit your needs too. With a subscription, over 500 guided meditations from renowned instructors are available to you in addition to newly curated content every month.

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More than 20 experts with a diverse range of styles narrate meditations for outdoor and travel experiences as well as confidence, performance, and happiness-boosting sessions.

The Muse Meditation App
The Muse Meditation App

The details

Made of a soft, breathable and hand washable stretch fabric, the Muse S is specially crafted for bedtime use. It also features an adjustable fit for a wide variety of head sizes.

Lightweight and easily portable, the Muse S is key to minimizing sleep disruptions while away from home. Pack it away in your purse, backpack, overnight bag or carry-on luggage when traveling.

For extra protection, fold your Muse S inside its compact travel case that has room for cable storage. Luckily, it’s also on sale for $30 (instead of $40), and additional bands ring in at $150.

Muse S Case

Muse S Case
Muse S Case

SHOP IT: Muse, $30 (originally $40)

The verdict

Overall, the Muse S is sleek, convenient, and effectively brings awareness to thought patterns that can hinder rest and reflection periods.

As someone who has wheels turning non-stop inside of her mind, I expected nothing less than to hear thundershowers when I placed the Muse S on my head for the first time.

While I continue to adjust my work from home routine and attempt to improve my sleep schedule/bedtime, I look forward to further analyzing my results.

Right now, you can also score a Muse S Guided Meditation Bundle and one-year guided meditation subscription for $455 (originally $575).

With Muse, achieving a quieter mind can be as easy as fitting your headband, pairing to the Muse App, putting in your favourite headphones, selecting your meditation, and closing your eyes.

If you’re feeling extra generous this Christmas, your favourite wellness junkie could join you on your mindfulness journey too.

Bonus: They don’t have to worry about brainwashing.

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