The Mushroom From 'Masked Singer' Seems To Have A 'Mean Girls' Connection

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When the Mushroom was first introduced on The Masked Singer's Instagram page, commenters didn't have many guesses, but they were in love with the cuteness of the costume. "This is my favorite one! I love it!" raved one fan. "The detailing of the wood and mushrooms is so nice omg," said another. But once the Mushroom sang and the first clues were revealed, the guesses about who is the Mushroom finally started pouring in along with the compliments. (Judge Nicole Scherzinger said the Mushroom's rendition of Maxwell's "This Woman's Work" gave her chills.)

In addition to stumping people on its identity, The Mushroom has confused people on its sex: neither fans nor judges can tell if it is a man or woman beneath the mask. And although this truly doesn't matter, it does make it harder to narrow down the celebrity choices.

Who is the Mushroom on The Masked Singer?

Here are the main clues we've gotten about the Mushroom:

  • Their career started underground.

  • Hot dogs

  • Turned hobby into a career

  • They help others grow

  • More Hamilton puns than a person can count.

  • And in the second clue package, there were a ton of Mean Girls clues, like "fetch," breaking a crown in half, a burn book, and "you can't sit with us."

  • A red jello brain

  • A bull

  • Performing under a new name

  • A connection to Robin Thicke

  • 3 o'clock

Mushroom Guess #1: Jaden Smith

Robin Thicke guessed Jaden Smith during the Thanksgiving episode after hearing a clue about how the Mushroom doesn't go by their given name anymore. (Jaden Smith recently shortened his stage name to just Jaden.) As for the clues, Jaden has seen Hamilton, and the red brain could have been a nod to the Smith family Facebook show Red Table Talk.

On the Dec. 3 episode, the Mushroom said they had a connection to Thicke and would like to "mix it up" again. Jaden Smith did collaborate with Thicke on a restaurant called Mixtape.

Mushroom Guess #2: Todrick Hall

Singer Todrick Hall has starred in a Mean Girls parody video, and he tried out for American Idol as another clue has hinted at. He's also said to have been inspired by Hamilton to write his album Straight Outta Oz. As for the clue about the Mushroom changing their name, Hall used to go by Toddy Rockstar. He also appeared in a Robin Thicke parody music video, which could explain the Mushroom's Thicke connection.

Plus some fans believe they heard his voice when the Mushroom sang.

Mushroom Guess #3: Taye Diggs

Nicole Scherzinger thinks this star fits a lot of the Broadway clues. Plus, she thinks the bull is a reference to Chicago (like the Chicago Bulls), and Diggs was in the Chicago movie. Also he performs under a new name, because his given name is Scott Leo "Taye" Diggs. As for the Thicke connection, both Robin Thicke and Taye Diggs appeared on the I Can See Your Voice show.

Several fans are on board with this guess.

Mushroom Guess #4: Anthony Ramos

Given the amount of Hamilton puns in its pre-performance clue package, most people's guesses immediately went to stars of the Broadway show. The most common one: Anthony Ramos, who played John Laurens and Philip Hamilton in the original production. The name change clue could be a reference to how his full name is Anthony Ramos Martinez.

Very few of the clues single out Ramos from his co-stars. (The closest is the hot dog cart, which could represent his New York City childhood.) But the Mushroom's vocal range is eerily similar to that of Ramos.

However, there's not a clear connection to Robin Thicke that we can find. Still, fans are on board.

Judges' First Impressions

  • Nicole Scherzinger: Donald Glover

  • Jenny McCarthy: Frank Ocean

  • Robin Thicke: Not said.

  • Ken Jeong: Usher

It looks like the Mushroom will be around another week, giving fans more chances to guess its identity.

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