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'My closet smells so lovely': These adorable dual-function cedar blocks are just $11

Warmer weather means wool-munching pests are making a comeback.

The calendar says it's winter, but it's finally starting to feel like spring in much of the country. That means now is the time to prep for things that come with warmer temperatures that are much less pleasant than sunshine. We're talking about things like moths popping up in our closets. If it's time to switch out your cedar blocks, these adorable and convenient cedar blocks from Lavodia are just $10 at Amazon when you apply the on-page coupon.

Compact and discreet, these little cedar blocks can go in a drawer or slide onto a hanger to keep the moths out and your clothes smelling fresh.

$11 at Amazon

Moths tend to, shall we say, start making an appearance around April when spring starts to take control of the weather. These pests like dark and cool places, which is why they lay their eggs in clothes in a closet or drawer. The larvae love the protein in wool and cashmere and would love nothing more than to make a meal out of your sweaters. They're usually the ones responsible for the tiny holes that crop up when you can't remember snagging your knit top.

Moths hate cedar blocks. There's a natural oil in cedar that repels bugs — it has a woodsy, slightly camphor-like scent which is a much better fragrance than your grandma's stinky mothballs. What makes the Lavodia Cedar Wood Flowers is the dual function. They have a cute flower shape with a hole in the middle — that means you can slip them through the hook of a clothes hanger or you can toss a few in a drawer. The cedar scent tends to fade over time, but the kit includes a sanding disk to revive the scent.

clothes on a hanger
Fighting off moths has never been so cute or nice smelling. (Amazon)

What reviewers say

More than 3,000 shoppers love to fight off moths with these cute little cedar blocks, and say things like "my closet smells so lovely".

"These fit right over my slim-style hangers," a five-star fan wrote. "They have a wonderful REAL cedar smell and are clearly solid cedar. They have not been treated with cedar oil which was a concern as I've purchased cedar oil treated before and ended up with oil spots on my clothing. These are dry to the touch, smell amazing without being overpowering. And OMG really?! They even included a heavy grain disc of sandpaper to renew them every 4-6 months. Awesome buy- excited to have all of my wool smelling so lovely!

These shapes are cute and they have a strong cedar smell," raved a happy shopper. "They also come with a circle of sandpaper so you can easily sand the surface to strengthen the scent. They smell beautifully of real cedar, not just an oil. They also hang easily on coat hangers and don’t get in the way or take up space.

"Love these they’re cute and they actually work!" gushed a five-star fan. "I put some in my drawers, closet, and some hanging on the hangers by the holes and the moths in my room were gone the very next day. Haven’t seen one ever since. Comes with so many that I used them all around the house."

When the scent of these long-lasting cedar blocks fades, you can revive them with the kit's sanding disk. 

$11 at Amazon

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