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'My diamond looks like it did the day my husband proposed' — thanks to this $9 jewelry cleaning pen

Remember how dazzling your diamond ring once looked? It wasn't your imagination. A clean diamond truly is a wonder to behold. Now, your diamond — or ruby or sapphire or emerald — can shine bright again. All it takes is a little cleaning. But you don't have to make a trip to the jeweler: This magical $9 diamond cleaner from Connoisseurs has nearly 41,000 customers raving.

There's no need to visit the jeweler when this special pen makes it easy to clean your baubles at home. 

$9 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal?

At $9, this is the lowest price we've seen for this cleaning pen since July. It's a huge bargain when you factor in how much it would cost to have a jeweler polish it instead.

Why do I need this?

The pen-size stick has a twist-dispense mechanism (like liquid eyeliner) that releases cleaning solution through a fine-bristle brush. The formula is comprised of microfine cleaners, polishing agents and polymers, which combine to restore diamond jewelry to its original brilliance.

The Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle Stik is a breeze to use. Just twist the base until a bit of blue cleaning solution appears on the brush. Dab onto the stone and the setting, then rinse and dry the gem. Voilà! Gorgeous, gleaming jewelry.

Cleaning pen and diamond ring.
Pro results for just $9. (Amazon)

What reviewers say

Many shoppers attest to this pen’s ease of use, with one calling it "the best ring cleaner around."

"I was looking for something to clean up my wedding ring, and this absolutely did the trick. ... Not only was it easy to use, but it makes my jewelry really shine," they said. "Whenever I use this and clean my ring, people tend to notice it more and I get so many compliments."

Another raved: "This thing is my favorite! I have one of those supersonic jewelry cleaners (which I love), but it wasn’t cleaning the bottom of my diamond ring, causing it to look super cloudy even when the top of the diamond was clean. I finally bought this, and with one clean, my diamond looks like it did the day my husband proposed! It’s also super cost-efficient, so I feel comfortable cleaning my ring any time it needs a touch-up."

Thanks to this cleaner, one happy shopper reports her ring "sparkles like the day it was first placed on my finger" 25 years ago. "Absolutely amazing. ... No more trips to the jeweler for me."

Another five-star fan wrote: "My engagement ring has been dull and lackluster for a while. I've had it cleaned, but it never seemed to get shiny again. Ordered this on a whim. ... It was easy to get the bristles from the brush down into the bottom for a good cleaning. It took a few minutes, but now my ring is finally shiny again! Very happy with how it turned out."

For just $9, the Connoisseurs Diamond Dazzle Stik is one of those purchases you'll be telling friends about for months. Or you can be a hero and buy a few to give away. Shine on!

It looks like a standard pen but does so much more, including removing dirt and oil so your ring can shine again.

$9 at Amazon

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