The 'Naked' Lobsters At Costco That Are Giving Serious Alien Vibes

Cooked lobster on wooden board
Cooked lobster on wooden board - Anna Kondratiuk-Swiacka/Shutterstock

Everybody knows that Costco is the place to stock up on staples like toilet paper, rotisserie chicken, vodka, and trash bags. But if everyday items were all that Costco had to offer, people probably wouldn't be such devoted fans. Instead, it's the products that you can't find anywhere else -- and maybe didn't even know existed -- that keep people coming back to shop in person week after week, like a literal barrel of maple syrup or Cedar Bay Naked Lobsters. These packs of shelled raw Atlantic lobsters that promise to be the height of convenience have everybody talking, but not necessarily about the taste.

"Bro, that is [a] face hugger from Alien," said one Redditor, of the vacuum-packed shellfish that quite literally look like they are naked. "Someone get that lobster some pants," said another commenter in the same thread.

It's not every day you see a fully intact uncooked lobster without its shell. The Cedar Bay lobsters are processed in a way that separates the shells from the pale, tender (and some might say exposed) meat of the shellfish, leaving it intact in all its alien-like glory.

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Cedar Bay Lobsters Are Processed Under High Pressure

Cedar Bay Naked Lobster package
Cedar Bay Naked Lobster package - Reddit/@JimmyMcPoyle_AZ

Think about your average backyard lobster boil. You get a big pot and either steam or boil lobsters until they turn bright red, then bust them open with crackers and shellfish forks to get at the meat. At the Cedar Bay lobster processing facility, however, they have large machines that are essentially pressure chambers. The lobsters go into a tank of water where they're exposed to several thousand pounds of pressure. This process not only kills the lobsters instantly, it also causes the flesh to disconnect from the shell, so when they come out of the machine the meat easily slides right out of the shell.

The great thing about this method of processing lobsters is that you don't have to deal with a big pot of water, messy tabletops, and wearing one of those silly plastic lobster bibs. The only downside is that you get lobsters that the internet says look a lot like the brethren of the cartoon scientist from the TV show "Futurama."

"RIP Zoidberg and his family," said one Redditor, while another added, "All I can think of is Zoidberg without his shell."

Shelled Lobsters Taste Just Like Regular Lobsters

Costco Cedar Bay Naked Lobsters
Costco Cedar Bay Naked Lobsters - Costco

According to Costco's website, one vacuum-sealed pack of Cedar Bay Naked Lobsters has the meat of six 2-pound lobsters. They're super convenient for making lobster rolls, lobster chowder, or even just cooking and dipping into butter. In fact they're even packed with a few disks of compound herb butter. One reviewer said that they were the perfect way to enjoy lobster. "Easy to cook and serve. Fresh and delicious with no mess!"

Despite their alien looks, however, it's hard to deny the time you'd save breaking into the shells of six lobsters, and you don't need any special pots or pans. All you have to do is simply simmer the whole package in water for 18 minutes and serve. On TikTok, The Sushi Guy said the package actually produces superior results. " [...] in the pouch you're kind of doing a home sous vide; it's fantastic."

He did say, however, "I know that it looks a little bit creepy. Kinda looks like Dr. Zoidberg." If you see them on the shelf on your next Costco run, though, don't be afraid to treat yourself to some easy butter-poached lobster meat. After all, why not Zoidberg?

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