The Napkin Project (Love Stories Edition): Jess Walter

The Napkin Project: Jess WalterPhilip Friedman


I’ve been at the bar an hour when she shows up, extending her neck sideways like a lizard, and looking at my face.

“Andrew. I’m Lucia. Wow, you actually look younger than your profile pic.”

“You, too,” I say.

“Thanks. What are you drinking?”

I point to the bartender. “Whatever he puts in the glass.”

“You think we ever get used to it, meeting people this way?”

“We could always skip this part. Go straight to my place.”

“Well. Someone is eager.” She chews her bottom lip. “What’s your hurry, Andrew?”

That’s when Andrew comes in.

She’s right. He does look old.

She’s pretty mad.

“I’ve never seen her like this,” I tell Andrew.

On their way out, she calls me Asshole. And Creep.

I hold up my glass for the bartender. “Pick a lane.”

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