Naughty or nice? Woman goes viral after asking Secret Santa co-worker to buy her kids a $120 tablet

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The workplace tradition of Secret Santa is supposed to be a fun way for colleagues to treat one another to a small gift for the holidays. However, one woman’s greedy request is going viral.

Earlier this week, a man took to Reddit to share his bizarre encounter with a female co-worker whom he gifted chocolates and a blanket to as part of “Secret Santa.”

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“Honestly didn’t believe people like this actually existed,” the post read. “Why do a lot of them seem to be middle-aged women with kids? Anyway…enjoy the show folks!”

The text messages begin innocently enough with the female co-worker thanking her Secret Santa for the gift. But they quickly took a turn when she admitted to looking up the cost of the blanket online.

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“So…I know this is kinda awkward,” she wrote, “but the spending limit was $50 and I looked online and it seems that the blanket and chocolates only add up to about $30? Do you think it’s possible you could get me something else? My kids have been spending me up the wazoo! LOL”

Passive aggressive LOLs aside, the co-worker seemingly took the request in stride offering to gift her an additional $20 to spend on something nice for her and her kids to enjoy. However, the offer was dismissed in favour of a link to a Samsung Galaxy Tablet that retails for approximately $120.

“A $120 tablet? I think that’s a bit over the $50 spending limit,” he wrote before adding a lighthearted “haha.”

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Unfazed, the co-worker doubled down on her request.

“I know, it’s just that my kids have been spending me up the wazoo! And it would make their day if mommy gave them something nice like this! Thanks, I appreciate it.”

When she hadn’t received a reply within three minutes, she continued, “I don’t mean to be abrasive or anything, but you’re an engineer so you make a bit more than I do! LOL I’d also just take $120 cash if that makes it easier on you!”

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The coworker rejected the outlandish offer, but still offers to gift her $20 saying, “I understand you have kids but I also have things I need to pay for, and unfortunately $120 for a co-worker is a bit out of my budget.”

His response sets off a firestorm of texts such as, “You don’t even have kids…What else would you spend your money on?” and “Honestly don’t know how you live with yourself, disgusting!”

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As a last ditch effort, the disgruntled coworker says she’ll settle for the $20 cash.

“Lol forget it,” the fed up Santa replied. “Thanks for the karma.”

Within hours the post had already received thousands of comments from people shocked at the co-worker’s gall to ask for the pricey tablet.

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“She already crossed the line looking up how much the gifts cost,” one user said. “That would have been the end of the convo for me.”

“It’s an office exchange. $50 limit seems a bit high for that in the first place,” another wrote. “Maybe give her 20 $1 off coupons to McDonald’s. That should make up the difference.”

Others balked at her shaming her colleague for his choice in spending.

“I hate when people think because they have kids they deserve more than those that don’t. Having kids was your choice,” one wrote. “Note: I have a bunch of kids.”

No matter the cost, be grateful for any gift you receive this holiday season – and be especially grateful you don’t work with co-worker’s like this!

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