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'Neck and back pain are gone' with Amazon Canada's #1 cervical pillow — and it's on sale

Reduce neck, shoulder and back pain—and even minimize snoring!—with this popular ergonomic pillow.

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Over 2,000 people have purchased this ergonomic pillow in the last month on Amazon (Getty).

If you’ve ever woken up with neck, shoulder or back pain after what should have been a restful night’s sleep, you know that most ordinary pillows offer minimal support. They’re one thickness, so they can only suit back or side sleeping—not a sleeper who likes to switch back and forth—and all of the pressure is concentrated in one spot. The result can be neck muscle strain and stiffness, shoulder pain, backache, insomnia and snoring. Luckily, the Mkicesky Cervical Support Pillow from Amazon Canada aims to rectify all of those issues with its soft memory foam and unique shape. It’s the #1 Amazon bestseller in neck pillows with more than 2,000 purchased in the last month. And it’s now 21 per cent off for a limited time. Read on to discover why this neck pillow might help you get a better sleep.

With over 3,000 five-star reviews, this soft, lightweight memory foam pillow could help you get the good night's rest you crave. 

$47 at Amazon

This ergonomic pillow is structured to reduce strain on your cervical spine and minimize pain in your head, neck and shoulders while you sleep. It may also decrease migraine frequency, snoring, insomnia and backaches.

Whether you have mild, moderate or severe surgical curvature, the pillow provides a sleeping format with proper support.

It’s made from memory foam to offer the appropriate level of firmness so your neck muscles can relax.

There is a lower contour in the middle for back sleepers to create the correct cervical spine curve. If you sleep on your side, rest your head on the higher portions of the pillow to reduce shoulder pressure and relieve neck pain. You can even use the pillow if you’re a stomach sleeper.

The ice-silk pillowcase has a honeycomb texture and is breathable, dissipating heat to minimize overheating and sweating as you sleep. It also zips off for easy machine washing.

The core is Greenguard Gold-certified, the most stringent Greenguard certification for volatile organic compounds (VOCs). That means, unlike many other household objects, it has very low chemical emissions and has met extra health criteria.

The brand offers a free 101-night trial with an exchange or refund if the pillow doesn’t work for you.

⭐️ 4.3 stars

💬 4,850+ reviews

🔎 “Neck and back pain are gone!"

Reviewers who’ve purchased the Mkicesky Cervical Support Pillow say they’re “so impressed with the quality.” “It allows me to sleep a full night,” says one customer, due to feeling “relaxed and supported.”

A woman with arthritis in her neck notes that “ordinary pillows don’t give enough support” and other memory foam pillows were too heavy for her. This one? “I absolutely love it,” she says.

Unlike some ergonomic pillows, it’s “not a hard, brick-like piece of foam.” Instead, the pillow is “firm yet soft” to provide ultimate comfort.

  • Mkicesky Cervical Support Pillow for Neck Pain Relief

    Save $13

That said, the pillow seems to be appreciated more by back sleepers than side sleepers. If you sleep on your side, “there isn’t as much surface area” for your head. Another side sleeper agrees that she doesn’t love the middle contour, which takes up a lot of space if you never want to use it for back sleeping.

Reviewers love that the cover is “nice, soft and doesn’t get hot.” Unlike other pillows, it “doesn’t seem to trap heat.”

It even “helps prevent snoring” because it keeps the “head facing upwards.”

But ultimately, this pillow will suit most but not all sleepers. “Your body has to fit perfectly” into the pillow’s shapes, otherwise it doesn’t work. The only way to know for sure is if you try it. Luckily, the company is “very easy to deal with” if you find out the pillow doesn’t quite work for your body.

Unlike other memory foam pillows, the Mkicesky Cervical Support Pillow is lightweight and soft. It provides height options for back, side and stomach sleepers, though some side sleepers feel there isn't enough surface area for side sleeping. The company has a great return policy if you want to give the pillow a try to see if it relieves your neck, shoulder and back pain. If it's not a fit, you can return it for a refund.

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