'It's taken 20 years off my chest!': Shoppers say this $33 neck and decolleté pad is an anti-aging must-have

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To err is human, and so there's no denying that we've all made the mistake of sleeping with makeup on and skipping out on primer before applying foundation at some point of our lives. But if we're talking about anti-aging mistakes, the one woe that's just as bad as not wearing SPF daily is neglecting to care for your neck and decolleté.

The skin around the neck and chest is very thin and delicate — it produces less oil and due to its lack of sebaceous glands and limited melanocytes it is also a lot more sensitive to sun exposure, which can result in premature signs of aging.

While suncare once again proves its importance, wearing sunscreen isn’t enough when it comes to nourishing and reserving the fine lines, saggy skin and discolouration.

For extra TLC, experts recommended investing in skincare specifically designed for the décolletage. Just like serums, these formulations are powered with smaller molecules that better penetrate into the skin for faster and effective results. And while many beauty enthusiasts opt for a daily application of a neck and decolleté serum and moisturizer, hundreds of Amazon shoppers have been about the results of this $33 Decolleté Chest Pad.

The Calvette Cosmetics Decolleté Chest Pad is specially designed to correct and prevent chest wrinkles caused by sun damage, ageing, and sleeping on your side. Made with soft and comfortable silicone, this reusable sheet pad is packed with the essential ingredients to tackle dehydration and lack of firmness.

Calvette Cosmetics Decolleté Chest Pad

Calvette Cosmetics Decolleté Chest Pads
Calvette Cosmetics Decolleté Chest Pads

SHOP IT: Amazon, $33

Backed up by nearly 1,000 reviews and a four-star rating, it is said to show results after just a few days.

“This product is a complete game-changer. It has taken 20 years off my chest - overnight!” reads one five-star review. “I am totally fine with my crow's feet around the eyes but I admit I was very distressed over my chest wrinkles. I had stopped wearing V-neck or any top that showed my chest, which is not easy in the summer.”

“I am now back to wearing V-neck tops and am thrilled with the results,” the reviewer continued. “My only wish is they offered an option with 3 or more in a pack as I am having to order it every month.”

“These REALLY work! I'm 46, light-skinned..lots of sun damage over the years, I had more wrinkles on my chest than my mother..or grandmother!” added another. “For the last 10 years I've been trying to hide my chest...and now I don't have to. They are a miracle.”

For $33, these pads are an affordable alternative to pricey serums or treatments that can run upwards of $100. However, if these work for you, you may want to consider buying in bulk to avoid pesky multiple purchases.

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