Need a Job? Put Your Resume On Your Beer, Like This Guy

All photos credit: Brennan Gleason

As you probably know, it’s a rough job market out there. That’s why one out-of-work graphic designer opted for a less-than-traditional resumé to help him stand out from the pack: Resum-ale, a resumé printed on a four-pack of home-brewed beer.

"I’ve always been inspired by those wacky resumés, and I recently got into home brewing,” 22-year-old Brennan Gleason told us. “And I thought: Why not put the two together?”

Gleason, who recently graduated from the University of the Fraser Valley in Abbotsford, British Columbia with a diploma in graphic and digital design, started sending four-packs to various Vancouver agencies in February. The brew, a smooth blonde ale with a 6.9 percent alcohol content, was a major hit: Gleason received three job offers, and ultimately accepted one with digital marketing agencyTechtone.

"They were definitely kind of thrown off at first," Gleason said of his current employer. "They were like, ‘What’s this?’ But when they actually saw it, they thought it was great and really liked the idea."

Gleason printed a description of the beer (and himself) on the front of the package—”visually pleasing, smooth, and elegant, with a bit of a wild side”—and supplied information about his experience and education on the back. He also designed individual labels for the beers, and custom bottle caps with his personal logo.

Gleason posted his work on the site Dribbble back in February, but interest began to really pick up steam online in late June—and yielded two more interview offers.

"The last three days, it’s just been crazy!" Gleason said incredulously. But he isn’t planning on making any moves. "I’m actually really happy with where I’m at now," he said. One would imagine his beer-loving co-workers are, too.