Never Get a Bad Haircut Again!

By Rosa Heyman, REDBOOK

Ever been the victim of a bad haircut? It's stressful, upsetting, and leaves you feeling far from your most confident self. Thankfully for us, Patrick Melville knows hair. Having begun his 30-year career at British Vogue, Melville continued his art across the pond by opening the Patrick Melville Salon & Spa in New York City. He's has also worked with best-tressed stars such as Brooke Shields, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Ashley Judd, and Halle Berry-so you know he knows his stuff. We asked Patrick for his expert secrets to getting exactly what you want at the salon.

What are some surefire ways to avoid a bad haircut?
Bring in a photo of what you want your hairstyle to look like, and communicate with your stylist about what you want. Also, make sure to research the potential hairstylist before you commit-a hairstylist's reputation and training are very important.

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Do great haircuts have to come with a large price tag?
A great haircut does not have to be expensive. Ask your stylist where they received their education and use that as base for who cuts your hair. A stylist's training will reveal the quality of his or her skills, meaning that you do not necessarily have to seek out a very expensive salon in order to ensure a good haircut.

How important is it to befriend your hairdresser?
Befriending your hairdresser because it builds trust, which is important. And once you trust someone, you can communicate about changing your hairstyle, and you will feel more comfortable asking for precisely what you want.

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If you realize that your haircut is bad before you have even left the chair, should you ask your hairdresser to fix it or would you suggest trying another stylist?
You should definitely ask the hairdresser to change it on the spot, and you should not feel guilty. In this business, it is their job to please the client. The client is always right.

Is there a time frame for going back to the salon to have a haircut fixed?
Definitely within three weeks, but the sooner, the better.

What are the expectations in terms of paying more to have your haircut fixed?
You should never expect to pay to have your haircut fixed. Again, the client is always right, and a good hair stylist will want to please the client so they continue coming back.

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What are some ways to style or manage your hair while you grow out a bad haircut?
A good haircut should last two months. If you have bangs, you should be able to go to the salon and have them trimmed to give the style more of a shelf life in between cuts .

What is the best hairstyle for a chubby face?
Pulling the hair away from the face helps make your face look thinner if you have a chubbier face. Also make sure that if you have a bob, it is no longer than shoulder length.

Do you have any suggestions to help thin, fine hair?
Dry shampoo is a good way to help thin, fine hair because it gives volume at the roots for an extra lift.

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