New Study Reveals Blondes Are More Likely to Cheat -- Surprised?

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Blondes really do have more fun according to a new study conducted by, "the world's largest cheater database." The findings reveal that 42 percent of female cheaters are blonde -- more than all the other shades combined.

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Now, the website concedes that the numbers are solely based on anecdotal evidence and that they have not taken either baldness or ethnicity into account. But James McGibney, founder of CheaterVille, says the findings can give more insight when you're looking for love.

"From Veronica vs. Betty to Ginger vs. Mary Anne, we've always favored one look over another. But now our research gives us a tempting look at how hair color might play a role in infidelity, and that's nothing to brush off," said McGibney.

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Some of the study findings include:

  • 40 percent of male, self-professed cheaters have brown hair. Black hair accounted for 32 percent, blonde hair 20 percent, and red 5 percent.

  • 42 percent of females who admit to cheating have blonde hair. Redheads were next with 23 percent, brunettes 20 percent, and black haired women 11 percent.
  • 43 percent of those cuckolded (both male and female) who posted their own personal stories indicated they were brunette.

Obviously, this study is far from scientific, but having read the stats, would you use hair color to help determine your next mate?

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