Nick Jonas Said a "Really Tragic" Performance at the ACMs Sent Him to Therapy

It happened while he paid tribute to Cole Porter with country star Kelsea Ballerini.

<p>Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images</p>

Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

Nick Jonas is no stranger to the stage. Not only did we all practically watch him grow up as he performed with the Jonas Brothers and his various solo projects, but we've also seen him get top billing with his acting roles and even take up the role as a mentor for competition shows. However, even with all that time in the spotlight, he's not always hitting the right notes — literally. In a new interview on the Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard podcast, Jonas said that one specific performance was so bad that it send him to therapy.

"Then there was another time during a really tragic guitar solo debacle that happened on live TV," Jonas said as he and his brothers chatted with Shepard. People notes that the performance Nick mentioned was at the 2016 ACM Awards, where he played guitar and sang a duet version of Kelsea Ballerini's "Peter Pan." "In retrospect, I can kind of laugh about how big I thought it was. But it did travel more than I wish it would have, and it did cause me to go to therapy."

<p>Isaac Brekken/ACM2016/Getty Images for dcp</p>

Isaac Brekken/ACM2016/Getty Images for dcp

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Nick explained that it wasn't the first time that he and Ballerini performed alongside one another — and it wasn't even the first time they'd done the song together. As he recalled the story, he explained that he hit the wrong note and just never recovered.

"Kelsea and I had a couple performances together, and this was one of them. I come out for my thing. I rehearsed it a million times. I'm feeling really confident about it — not even really thinking about it like it's a thing that's going to be problematic," he recounted. "I started off, it was fine and as I walked towards her, I just went completely blank and I hit a wrong note and blacked out basically and clocked that it was wrong and I couldn't stop."

"Til this day and hours after unpacking it, I can't really figure out exactly what happened, but I was rushed to a car and rushed to a plane right after it," he finished. "I looked at my manager and said, 'I think that was bad.' I was, like, in shock kinda. It was a really traumatic moment that shaped the pressure I put on myself to be perfect and to always be on."

Following the ceremony, Ballerini told People that performing with Nick had been a dream come true. She didn't mention anything about his performance that night.

"It was awesome," she said at the time. "It was my first big kid award show performance and I was so excited to do 'Peter Pan.' It's my favorite song I've gotten to release so far, and then to be able to share it with Nick — who is one of my favorite artists since I was like 12 — it was just super cool."

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